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I love nail polish, it doesn’t take a genius to work this out, so when the kind people at Cotypr Australia sent me some nail polishes to try out I was over the moon!

The nail polishes in question are the Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes from Sally Hansen. I was sent three colours to try out and see if their claims of chip resistance and gel polish like shine were true.


To be honest I had never bought a Sally Hansen colour nail polish despite having quite a few of their nail treatments and a few nail wraps. The brand seemed like something my mother or grandmother would buy as the colours available seemed washed out, pale and a little dated. Upon seeing these polishes I was proven wrong!

These polishes boast a long lasting shine “the closest you can get to a gel effect without a gel manicure”  and claim to have a 7-in-1 formula which makes a top and base coat superfluous.

First impressions

My first impression upon seeing these was “YES! a red polish” I had been on the lookout for a new red polish and the gorgeous deep red of “Red zin” looked like it would compliment my skin tone and give me a gorgeous vampy look.  The packaging is very sleek with a great sized handle and some really cool looking rubberized detailing.

The other two colours I received were Naked ambition; a gorgeous peachy pink nude shade with a hint of shimmer and MIdnight in NY which is a black creme with tiny multicolored sparkles

The second thing I noticed was the brush, at first I thought that perhaps I had received a dud as the tip of the brush seemed angled but not in a regular or measured way. Once I checked the others I noticed they all featured the same brush which I later learned was the curved “precision brush”


I first applied Midnight in NY as this is the colour that excited me most. The colour was not as opaque as I had expected it to be and it took three coats until it looked a little less streaky and a bit more glossy and even. I was disappointed to find that the gorgeous multi-coloured sparkles did not show up as much on the nail as they did in the bottle. Regardless of this the colour was beautiful and dried to a nice glossy finish.

My second interaction was with Red Zin, this colour looked as good on the nails as it did in the bottle. But I stopped at two coats and while the shine was amazing it didn’t have as much coverage as would be expected. I will be using three coats of this in the future.

Super glossy and red this (as expected) was my favourite of the three. I cant wait to reapply this one!

My dealings with naked ambition can not be flawed, apart from some issues with the brush (see below) the colour, coverage and finish was lovely. It was a lovely nude but better colour with a gorgeous silver sheen!

This was probably the most wearable of the lot and its neutral nature meant that it looked good with every outfit
The formula of all three polishes was very thick and nice to apply. When applying a second coat the brush tended to grip to the first coat making the second coat glide on effortlessly. I found that the glimmer sheen visible in the bottle did not always translate on the nail as strongly

The brush does take some getting used to. The brush is much shorter and thicker than most regular brushes with a mixture of shorter and longer bristles. To me it felt denser than a regular brush. The plastic part of the brush is flat and wide as are the bristles.

I had some trouble with the brush because of its large size. It was amazing at getting close to the cuticle and depositing a rounded shaped brush stroke there but because its such a wide brush which picked up so much polish I found that painting my pinkies was almost impossible without making a mess on the side of the nail. I have particularly small / narrow nails so those with wider nail beds would probably not have the same issue.

I was surprised at how glossy these were without a top coat. As you can see in some of the photos they were almost mirror like at times and this is just with using the one product

I didn’t keep the polish on for more than 3 or 4 days at a time (as I was eager to try the other shades) so I wasn’t able to test out the claims of long lasting wear, but in the time I wore them I did not notice any chipping or major wear and tear.


Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure are DPB, Toulene and Formaldehyde free. At $14.95 theyre a slightly cheaper polish than Essie or OPI and are close if not equal in quality in some respects.

Would I repurchase/recommend this?

I think so! I am eager to keep using these to try and get used to this different style of brush. Ive looked at the website and have found lots of pretty colours that I would love to add to my collection and would definitely purchase more of this line if I saw a colour I liked in store.

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