Have you ever reverse washed your hair?


NO! this does not require you to contort your body backwards to wash your hair but refers to the order in which you apply your hair products. Image courtesy of Google images.

If you’re a regular beauty blog follower you will have probably already heard of “reverse washing” or “backwards washing” of hair.

This simple 3 step process leaves your hair soft, smooth and ready to be styled. It eliminates the “first day fuzziness” and gets you straight to second day clean hair that can be styled and will stay in place.

My only concern with this process is that if you fine hair like mine it will look and feel limp by the second day (as opposed to the third day with “normal” washing.

An added benefit of this process is that not only will your hair feel revived but the rest of your body will feel super clean and moisturised.

Be sure to use a sulphate free shampoo for an extra clean feeling.

Here is how I reverse wash my hair.

Step 1  Use a few table spoons of single original oil such as Sweet almond oil or coconut oil and warm slightly in the microwave. (anyone else remember using V05 oil in the same way) Massage the oil into your dry hair paying particular attention to the scalp which you are to massage gently and the ends (if they are dry)  Wrap your hair in a towel or plastic wrap (sexy!) and go and watch tv, play candy crush, clean the house or whatever else you like for half an hour.

Step 2. Hop in the shower and run warm water over your hair to loosen some of the oil and “dirt” from your hair.  Apply a liberal amount of conditioner to all over your hair, massage it into the scalp to get rid of the oil. Wait a few minutes before rinsing out.

Step 3.  Apply a very small amount of shampoo using your finger tips just to the scalp rubbing gently. This will stop the hair being limp at the roots and will wash away excess moisture when you rinse it out.

Enjoy tangle free and supple hair that is super shiny and manageable. If you are short of time you can skip step 1 and jump straight to 2 and 3.

This is amazing when you need to wash your hair on the day of an event. As the hair is clean but also doesn’t have that frizz straight after a blow dry. I swear it makes my hair look and feel just like it does after I get my $40 hair treatment from the hairdresser!

Youre welcome!!

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