February Round Up

February is over! Welcome to March! Hopefully the wild weather is over and we in Australia can start to enjoy some more temperate weather in Autumn. Bring on the deeper shades and cooler weather clothes (hopefully)

Here on LNL I spent February celebrating everything Valentines with some pretty red swatches courtesy of Bourjois. Gave some hints on what I would have liked for Valentines Day and shared some of my top picks from the upcoming launches at Sephora.


During February I also got to attend a whole bunch of awesome events from some great drugstore brands. You are going to be amazed by all the new drugstore stuff coming our way in the next 6 months inlcuding a new setting spray from Rimmel, fantastic new lip colours from Maybelline, reformulated foundations from Bourjois and Rimmel, gorgeous nail polishes from Sally Hansen as well as a cushion compact foundation that has completely changed my mind about these types of products.

As for my favourites in February a lot of what I loved came from both the Sephora and Priceline showcases I attended which is only natural as I spent the majority of the month trying this new stuff out.

Brands such as Becca, Tarte, Maybelline and First Aid Beauty surprised and pleased me with some of the new products that will be hitting shelves soon while a couple of older products kept me comign back for them again and again.

Check out the video below for a comprehensive round up of February, make sure to let me know if there are any products you would like me to review for you more indepth.



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