June Roundup!

Another month has rolled by and you know what that means! Its time to share all the products and devices that I was super impressed with over the month.

June brought the crisp cold weather and along with that came some super dry skin that needed lots and lots of moisture. I found myself getting super sick AGAIN this month ( I seem to have had a bit of a bad run this year) I was down for about three weeks with a terrible cough which meant that I could barely make it through a sentence without spluttering and struggling for breath which made filming impossible. I needed a lot of rest and as a result content slowed down a little here and on YouTube. But Im feeling 95% better (that cough still rears its head every now and then) and am well back into the swing of the balance between work, blogging and pleasure that makes up my life.

In terms of skincare I used Elucent skincare exclusively for some of the month and found myself falling in love with the Anti Ageing serum, which contains a whopping 16% AHAs as well as the night moisturiser which really helped to relive the uncomfortable feeling of dry skin.

Samantha Jade for Models Prefer

On my lips this month I wore two gorgeous nude shades almost exclusively. The first was one of the shades released this month as part of the Samantha Jade for Models Prefer “Bare Pink”. This liquid lipstick comes in a two pack with a more browny nude shade and both are absolutely gorgeous.  The longevity of of this formula is incredible! It goes on smoothly and isn’t too drying.

The other lipstick I was obsessed with this month was the gorgeous shade created by Nikkia Joy for MAC cosmetics. I love the formula of MACs mattes and the formula along with this shade make it absolutely perfect for me for every day wear. The shade can be nest described as a warm nude shade which leans more towards  a peachy shade rather than pink. I was a little worried that it would be a bit light on me but once I tried it I was hooked. Its limited edition but at time of publishing is still available on the MAC website


I dont talk about hair too much here on LNL, mostly because Im not too good at doing it. I take good care of my hair but when it comes to styling the only thing i tend to do it straighten it. MY hair is fairly thin and wispy and in the past has had trouble holding a curl, which is why I am  completely enamoured by the Vidal Sassoon Curl Secret Multi Curl  Not only is the device incredibly pretty with its metallic pink finish but it is actually quite effective at curling the hair is a multitude of ways. It takes a while to get used to it but once you have the hang the device curls the hair by sicking it up into the heated chamber almost effortlessly.



Of course I was going to include the Becca X Chrissy Palette! The thing is gorgeous and I have been using it all month to achieve a warm, glowy look. Find out a whole lot more about my thoughts on the palette here.


There are a whole lot more items on my list this month. Check them out in the video below!

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