You get what you pay for right?! 

daiso makeup

IF what they say is true then the makeup featured on the blog today should be of such poor quality that it breaks out my face and has little to no pigment or longevity. 

But here is the thing… Its actually a lot better than I would ever imagine.

daiso makeup

blinding highlight!

The super affordable (and super cute) brand we are talking about (if you can call it a brand) is Daiso!

For the superstore uninitiated, Daiso is the Japanese equivalent of a bargain or variety store. Its what we may have referred to as a “Two dollar shop” In Japan they are the 100 Yen store, here in Australia however almost everything costs $2.80. Thats right you have the choice of spending your $2.80 on and thousands and thousands of items such as household goods, snacks, stationary, giftware or MAKEUP!

This $2.80 palette has better pigmentation than some high end b

Watch below as I test out some of Daiso’s super affordable wares. 

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Reply March 8, 2017

I love Daiso, everytime I visit a store I come home with the randomest things haha. Definitely going to check out the makeup section next time!


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