Five steps to your best skin ever.

Its taken me well into my thirties to truly understand how to treat my skin to get the best out of it. From what skin type I have to what products best suit my skin.

Regardless of age and skin type there are a few hard and fast rules that I now follow (both in terms of my life and my skin) to keep things running smoothly.

Here are my top five tips to get your best skin ever.

Dont be picky

Put down those tweezers and step away from the magnified mirror. Not only is it bad for your self esteem but it also tends to promote picking, squeezing and popping of spots and imperfections. I’m a reformed picker so I know what Im talking about. Im my teenage years I caused all sorts of damage by picking at spots, some scarring is still evident today.

You are what you eat

More precisely, you are what you drink. Consuming an adequate amount of water every day is not only incredibly important to your internal organs and digestion but its essential in keeping your skin looking and feeling great.

Keep your nose clean

Your evening skincare routine is incredibly important. Properly removing the days makeup, grime and sweat from your face is my number one tip for healthy glowing skin. Using a facial brush helps to elimiate all traces of even the most stubborn makeup and helps get the skin ready for any skincare you are about to apply

Protect yourself

I’m lucky that my parents were super vigilant about sunscreen and so now I make sure that I have at the very least my face fully protected with a minimum of 30+ sunscreen every day. Its not just a matter of protecting yourself from the eve present threat of skin cancer but constant exposure to the sun can cause accelerated aging, uneven skin pigmentation and wrinkles. Sunscreen is not an option. Its mandatory.

Oils are essential

Incorporating beauty oils into your routine can give your skin that added boost of moisture, antioxidants or healing. Finishing off your night time routine with an oil (always after moisturising) can help create a barrier on the skin, trapping the moisture in and keeping some of the environmental baddies out.

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