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camomile the best of the body shop

The Body Shop has been a firm favourite of mine since I was a teen and used to covet the glycerine soaps and amazingly scented lip balm pots.

Today The Body Shop has evolved to produce and sell a more sophisticated range of skincare and cosmetics as well as their iconic bath and body products.

I thought I would share what I  deem to be The Best of The Body Shop

The body shop camomile the best of the body shop
I have recently fallen in love with the Camomile range of skincare. Although it did me a long time to find it instore (it was always sold out) I love how gentle and effective the Camomile Cleansing Oil is. Its perfect for me when I have a bout of dermatitis and don’t want to use a harsh cleanser to remove my makeup.  You simple rub a small amount on your face and then rise off with warm water. For the harder to remove mascara or long wear lipcolours the Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Make-up Remover quickly dissolves and removes everything with just a couple of swipes.
the best of the body shop
Earlier this year I did a massive review of some of the best masks on the market. I purchased the Tea Tree Face Mask by mistake ( I was really after the Ionic Clay mask) and actually loved it much more than the one I had intended to buy, Its creamy, smooth and makes my skin feel amazingly clean and nourished after use. Added to all this is the fact that Tea Tree oil is antibacterial and can help to reduce the longevity of a break out.
the body shop tea tree the best of the body shop
Im always impressed with the scented collections from The Body Shop, I always find that their body washes and lotions really contain a good amount of scent that tends to linger a lot longer than other products Ive tried throughout the years. One way that I manage to get the gorgeous scent to last the day is to layer products of the same scent.
the best of the body shop  moringa
One of my absolute favourite collections is the Moringa collection. If you have never smelled the Moringa products think Jasmine but not as nose burningly intense.  Starting off with the Body Wash in the shower you get inundated with the floral scent while getting clean. Once you’re dry rub a small amount of Moringa Beautifying oil over your body to help disguise and minimise any dryness (especially great in winter) Finish off with a few spritz of the Moringa Body Mist to finish off the layering and ensure day long fragrance. Ive been using the Moringa Body Mist daily for a floral but super sophisticated scent.
the best of the body shop moringa
The collection that started it all for me has to be the strawberry scent. I was obsessed with getting my hands on the lip balms as a tween and my first choice was always strawberry. The strawberry scent is overwhelmingly fresh and fruity.
the best of the body shop strawberry body sorbet
Last year when I had to decide which of the newly released Body Sorbets to try first, the natural choice was strawberry. The Body Sorbets are so fresh and light and are gel based rather than cream which means that they’re easily absorbed and non greasy.
the  best of the body shop strawberry
One of my handbag staples is a little tube of strawberry hand cream, Im often asked what product Ive used within minutes of using this hand cream. The texture is like a light lotion and does not eave a heavy residue like some hand creams. New to my collection is the Strawberry Lip Butter which is really different to the traditional balms as they’re more creamy and remind me of strawberry yoghurt. While they’re creamy in the pot (which is totally a mini body butter pot) Once on the lips they sheer out to being almost completely clear.
the best of the body shop pink grapefruit
Another favourite of mine is the Pink Grapefruit collection. This is almost tart smelling and the body wash fills my bathroom  and hallways with amazing smelling steam after a hot shower. The Body Butters are one of The Body Shops’s iconic products. In my mind they were the first company to make these rich, oil rich moisturisers in the trademark tub. More nourishing than a lotion, Body butters give long lasting hydration and are amazing on those rough bits such as your knees and elbows.
 The Body Shop does Limited Edition collections better than most. This year alone has seen the Smokey Poppy range as well as the Green Tea range that came out in perfect time for Mother’s Day. The range had the usual lotions and body sprays but also  had a beautiful gel based exfoliator that I fell in love with.  If only this was part of the permanent collection!
the best of the body shop japanese green tea
the best of the body shop early harvest raspberry
 Any one who knows me though knows that I love fruity scents the most so when the Early Harvest Raspberry and Vineyard Peach collections were rereleased this year I jumped online immediately to order some of my favourites. As ridiculous as this might seem, the thing I love most about these collections is how these products smell so insanely authentic.
The Early Harvest Raspberry Body scrub looks and smells insanely like raspberry jam. So much so that I have been slightly tempted to taste it ( i have resisted so far) Its another gel based scrub which makes it super easy to rinse but still lubricated enough that its gentle on skin.  The body wash is equally as delicious as Im always impressed with how long the fragrance lingers on the skin. The negative is that this range is still limited edition and is bound to sell out fast if you’re not quick enough.
the best of the  bodyshop vineyard  peach
I missed out on the Vineyard Peach last time around, I hesitated purchasing what I wanted and then when I went back it was practically all gone. This range smells like pure summer. Its sweet but still slightly tart and like the raspberry range smells authentically fruit like without any over powering artificial  fragrance. This time around I picked up the Body Mist and Shower Gel. 
the best of the body shop bouncy sleeping mask
My most recent purchase was the recently released Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. The night time treatment mask looks and feels like a cream gel hybrid, it is lighter than a cream and is cool and refreshing on tired, dry skin. It is left on the face over night to nourish and moisturise the skin while you sleep. The tub is quite large and comes with a spatula to prevent germs getting into the product. Its really hard to describe the texture. It isn’t flubber but I can see why its described as being bouncy.
the best of the body shop body wash
The Body Shop product are available nationwide from The Body Shop Stores and online.
Id love to know what you think is the best of The Body Shop
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Reply June 13, 2015

I have loved The Body Shop for a long time!
My current top three are the Honey & Oat Mask, Shea Body Scrub and Argon Oil Bubbling Bath.
I also adore the Raspberry range (although I wish it was forever instead of limited edition).
They also had a lovely Vanilla shower gel a few years ago, again limited edition, which I wish they would bring back.

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