The best powder highlighters

Regardless of how happy and healthy we are sometimes we all need a little help to achieve our inner glow. There are a multitude of of highlighters and illuminators in many different formulas but the quickest and easiest way to achieve a highlight (especially for a beginner) is the trusty powder highlighter.
With so many products on the market promising to make you shine like a goddess it can be hard to know which product to use. The following products have reached CULT status with beautylovers becoming quite attached to their HG highlighter.
Nars Albatross is super pale (almost white) in the pan, it imparts a subtle and pretty gold glow to the skin and is best suited to those who are tanned or have medium to dark skin tones as it literally makes these skin types pop. Its still pretty on pale skin but needs a little more product to become visible (which can become cake) The product is great quality and fairly fine product but not as finely milled as some other products or even some other NARS powders.
I love Mary Lou! Its so so soft and powdery in the pan and is more of a champagne  gold rather than a bronze or pink like others. A simple tap of your brush and you have instant glow. Be careful not to over do it as the super soft powder can turn you into a super sleek goddess.
The Becca shimmering skin perfector is also super soft and powdery and packs a shimmery punch. Its a little more finely milled than thebalm product and isnt as gold toned. It casts more of a rose bronzey shade in the pan. On the skin it creates a beautiful effect with tiny tiny sparkle particles.
Soft and Gentle is well loved by makeup artists and beauty afficionados because it is so subtle and pretty.  Its not the most finely milled product and does contain a little bit of a glittery finish. This is the most frosty of all the powder highlighters. It looks amazing on darker skin tones but also does well on lighter skin shades. In the pan its glorious and is multifaceted and multi textural and has that velvetty smooth baked look.


Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder
The Models Prefer soft touch mineral powder isnt as well known as the other powders in this post but it mimics one that is super popular. Its texture is super fine a little harder in the pan. Its the most subtle and gentle of all the powder highlighters. On the skin it gives a beautiful soft glow that shows up beautifully in photographs as a natural glow. It is available in a few shades that remind me a lot of the much hyped hourglass ambient lighting powders at a much lower price point.

Bottom to top – Nars, thebalm, soft and gentle, becca, models prefer

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Oh the models prefer one looks really nice!!

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