First Impressions – Olay Total Effects Pore Minimising CC cream.

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Let me introduce you to a sheer product with a really long name *deep breath* the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimising CC cream! It was sent to me by Priceline as part of their BeautyClick program.
CC creams usually make all the claims of BB creams with the added benefits of some sort of correction. In this case the product claims to “correct” the 7 signs of aging (is aging an accident one must correct?)


This iridescent tube contains 50 grams of a sheer base product and as mentioned it is designed to fight the seven signs of aging. I thought I would briefly provide my thoughts on its performance based on its claims.
1. Minimises pores appearance – Correct! The product did help to reduce the visibility of the pores on my cheeks and nose without making them looked clogged or with a lot of coverage. It didn’t have the slight chalky or blurring appearance that  pore minimising primers often have.
2. Enhances brightness – hmmm, it did produce a nice dewey effect to the skin which in turns reflects light so I guess this one is correct. But then so do most moisturisers.
3. Smooths lines and wrinkles – again the dewey finish does reflect light from these areas as would a normal moisturiser. However the product  didn’t enhance lines by caking up and creasing so I will give this one a pass.. Just.


4. Evens skin tone – this product is super sheer, less coverage than most of the BB creams I own, and less coverage than even tinted moisturisers. One layer didn’t really provide any coverage. A second layer did even out skin tone but imperfections such as blemishes and freckles (if you count them as imperfections) are still very visible.  This claim however, is technically correct
5. Reduces appearance of spots – technically yes, but only by something like 10%
6. Enhances look of firmness – im not sure about this. I don’t really have signs of aging except for under my eyes and the product didn’t really do much to tighten the skin. So I think this one is a little far fetched.
7. Moisturises – heck yeah! Skin feels soft, comfortable and looks dewey and moisturized.
The CC cream while very sheer does make your skin look like “your skin but better” and would be a perfect product for someone who has fairly even  skin and wants a little something to just finish it off while moisturising and protecting against the sun). I actually did like the way it made my skin look (after two coats) but it doesn’t provide enough coverage for going “out” or work but I would wear it if I were just ducking out the the store as it did help reduce the look of redness and pore size slightly and made me look like I had better skin than I do. My favourite thing about the product is that it really looked like I had no product on my face but that my skin was slightly more even and had a touch more colour (I recieved the shade medium)
This has great potential to wear under a light coverage foundation or with some concealer for a light and natural look.
I’m not sure that I would repurchase this product as I tend to prefer higher coverage even on “casual” days.
The Olay Pore Minimising CC cream is available from Priceline now and currently on sale for under $15 (usually $17.99)


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