ego QV bath oil – the tan saver!

If like me you’re new to self-tanning you may be surprised at how often and how much moisturiser is recommended to keep your tan looking fresh and even. The tanner I use recommends moisturising twice a day to stop your skin looking ashy and your tan coming off in patches.

But I have discovered a product that keeps my skin looking amazing throughout the day with super easy and convenient application right in the shower each night.
Say hello to QV Bath oil. This product was sent to me some time ago for my consideration and while I used it and I liked the product and the way it made my skin feel it wasn’t until I started tanning just over a month or so ago that I found its secret capabilities and have purchased a back up bottle.
While this is a bath oil that is designed to be used.. well in the bath I use this product in the shower to cleanse my skin. After wetting my skin I apply a cap of the clear oil to my hands and rub it all over myself focussing on my arms, legs and chest which is where I apply my tan and then stand under the shower to rinse it off. On contact with water the oil turns from clear to a milky white and washes off the skin instantly (its actually quite fun to see it swirl around in the bottom of the shower)
Once you’re done pat yourself dry (don’t rub off that tan) and you can skip the evening moisturiser!  After using this product my skin looks instantly refreshed and my tan looks new. All ashiness and dryness disappears and what I am left with is smooth, clean and nourished skin. I usually apply my regular moisturiser in the morning before I dress and this is enough to maintain my tan and even prolong it a few extra days.
This product works for me  significantly better than those on the market that claim to be an in shower moisturiser and has the added benefits of being great for sensitive skin and so gentle that is recommended as a bath oil for babies. 
QV Bath oil is available from most Pharmacies and Priceline stores.
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