Night time skin care routine.


 We’ve all been there,
Its late, you have had  an amazing  night out on the town (or a brutally long work
day) you’ve  gotten home and just want to
face plant ever so elegantly into your waiting bed. But once you get into your
comfy spot, it clicks ..  You haven’t
taken off your makeup! And the decision that comes next feels like hardest one
you have ever been forced to make. Do I get up or will I just do it in the


I’m here to tell you that taking care of your skin doesn’t
need to be a major ordeal, getting yourself up and out of that bed is really
the biggest challenge.



First things first, is it really that important to remove
your makeup? The answer to that is YES!
It is absolutely essential to completely remove the days sweat, grime
and makeup before you go to bed at night! Failing to do so is a sure fire way
to subject yourself to breakouts and increase the chances of skin problems such
as sensitivity, dermititis and milia as well as premature aging.


Just like our brain, our skin needs time to rest and
recuperate, and most of that work happens when we are sleeping at night.


Here is my quick 5 of night time skin care. Once you get the
hang of it the whole routine should only take as long as this article is to



1. Remove eye makeup


Start with a micellular water such as Bioderma Crealine or Sebium. This stuff is amazing and can manage to remove all eye makeup quite quickly.
Soak a cotton pad and swipe over your eyes to see the makeup dissolve



2. Clarisonic Mia 2 – Facial Cleansing brush and Cleanser


If like me you wear sunscreen, primer and foundation on a
daily basis then a bit of cleanser on your fingers may not get rid of all of
the product on your face and can lead to congestion. The great thing about brush
is that it only takes 60 seconds and can be used in the shower.  I use it with a cream cleanser.  At the moment I have been loving the Dr
Lewinn’s Sensitive cleansing milk.



3. Tone/Treat


Toning gets the skin prepped and primed for what comes next.
I tend to use a little more Bioderma on a cotton pad and sweep it over my face
or a mist toner such as the People for Plants mist toner. If you are dealing
with spots this is also a good time to treat them with a specialised product
such as the drying or buffering lotions by Mario Badescu.


4. Moisturise


Depending on the time of year and how my skin is feeling I
will use different types of moisturisers. Usually a night cream such as the
Weleda Firming night cream is enough. But in winter or when my skin in feeling
dry I will often boost it with a shot of rosehip oil.


5. Eyecream


Eyecream is essential if you wish to slow down the visible
signs of aging around your eyes. A tiny amount is needed and will help to keep
the area hydrated, eliminating those tiny lines that cause creased makeup and
help reduce puffing.


And there we have it. You might be sleep deprived in the
morning but your skin will be well rested and ready for the new day ahead.Until next time!


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