My MakeUp Geek Haul!

I love good mail days!!!

Welcome back! Today i would like to show you some of the gorgeous products that arrived for me last week from Makeup Geek. I placed an order for these on the 7th of September and received my package approximately three weeks later.

Secret Admirer and Hanky Panky!

I had been eyeing off some of the gorgeous blushes that were revealed earlier this year after i saw the amazing Marlena swatch them on YouTube and decided to pick out the shade that i thought as most unique as well as one that was a bit of a safe bet for me.

So soft and pigmented

The shade Secret Admirer is a really pretty orchid pink/purple which really falls into this years trend of radiant orchid shades. The product is super soft in the pan and a little powdery to swatch but on the skin it does not show up powdery at all. I got this shade as i thought it would look lovely with bright pink or purple lips (an will look awesome with MACs Dodgy Girl)

light swatches of Secret Admirer and Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a far more traditional blush colour, in the pan it looks a lot like Thebalm’s Instain blush in Argyle but isn’t as intense on the skin. Again its super soft and super pigmented and is just gorgeous.

The only complaint i have about these blushes is that the assembling or manufacturing is a little poor in the two blushes i received. As soon as i took the compacts out of their boxes i could hear and feel that the pans were rattling around in the compact. When i dipped my finger in the pan was obviously not glued properly into the compact and was able to spin around almost 180 degrees and wobbled about in the compact. Im super lucky that it didn’t fall out all together and smash the powder. The purple shade was a lot worse than the pink but neither were adhered properly. I emailed customer service and they let me know that they would be passing this information onto their manufacturer.

Eve Pearl salmon concealer contains two easy to blend shades

While browsing through the online store i saw a product that i had been interested in after seeing it on the TV shopping network as well as on the MakeUp Geek channel. And that is non other than the Eve Pearl Salmon concealer. I had seen Marlena swear by this as being her HG dark circle corrector and as a fellow thirty something woman of Italian descent i trusted that she knew about dark circles (the struggle is real) I purchased the light/medium thinking that the darkness would gel to cover the grey purple circles under y eyes and can’t wait to road test it for you.

Eve Pearl salmon concealer compared to Bobbi Brown corrector which is my HG
for undereye correcting and concealing.

When i first opened the compact i noticed that the shades were a little darker than i had expected so i hope this will be good for me. The product also seemed to have sweat on its journey but this shouldn’t really affect it all.  I dipped my fingers into the pan earlier and oh my goodness! the concealer is so soft and creamy an d should help to keep the under eye area well hydrated. Ill give you an update on his this goes at a later time.

From left to right;  Bobbi Brown corrector, Eve pearl salmon concealer in medium  and fair.
You can see how creamy it is with just a dab of the finger.
Soft, easy to handle and easy to use.

Lastly i decided to try some of the eye brushes made by Makeup Geek, at the price point they were being sold at i wasn’t really expecting much but i have been really impressed by how soft they are. I picked up an angled eyeliner brush as well as some eyeshadow blending brushes.

Super soft, cruelty free bristles allow for super blending.

And thats it! Have you ordered from MakeupGeek before? If so how was your experience?

Until next time!

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