Maybelline color show – bleached Neons

Spring has sprung in a big way, and as we start to shed the woolly layers we also start putting away the rich berry tones and start looking towards brights and pastels to brighten our world.

Enter the gorgeous new collection of Color Show polishes from Maybelline New York. The Bleached Neon collection contains a multitude of new shades that can be best described as half way between a super bright neon and pretty pastel. The fact that these neons have been “bleached” (some white has been added) means that they are way more wearable on different skin tones while still being bright and gloriously glossy. Think pretty pinks, corals and greens that look like they would look at home on a beachfront in Miami. Shades that are comparable to the gorgeous icy treats that we all enjoy on a summers day.

I’ll be showing you four shades in the collection as well how to use them in a cute and super easy gelato inspired manicure that even the most nail art challenged will be able to do well.

My favourite shade in the collection has to be the shade called Tropink this mid toned pretty pastel pink looks gorgeous on its own as well as with the other shades. This is the epitome of strawberry sundae. The Creme formula goes on smooth and becomes opaque after two coats.

Chic Chartreuse is like the lime spiders of our youth; a gorgeous, cool neon yellow green mixed with white to become a creamy yet bright green shade that was my least favourite in the bottle but ended up being glorious on the nails. This one needed three coats to get fully opaque and streak free.

Sun Flare is a pretty orange sherbet tone. It leans towards a more yellow orange in some lights and is smooth and glossy on the nail. Two coats leaves this shade opaque and glossy. This shade like all the others dry quite quickly and are relatively streak free.

Coral Heat is one of the brightest shades. To me it looks like a bright coral with more of an orange tone rather than a pinkish one. This shade would look amazing on tanned skin, but even on my pasty white skin it really pops. This is two coats without top coat

The child in me was instantly reminded of the rows and rows of tubs of fruit flavoured gelati and sorbets that I stared at longingly on our trips to the beach. I was inspired to put together a manicure that would be fun and whimsical while taking advantage of these pretty shades.

What you’ll need

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neon Nail polish in the shades;

Chic Chartreuse


Sun Flare


Dotting tool or toothpick

Maybelline Express Remover Nail Polish Remover

A makeshift palette (I’ve used a plastic cup)

What to do

Start with clean, dry nails. Remove any old polish quickly and easily with a tub of Express Remover.

Select two shades of Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons. I chose the shades Tropink and Sun Flare. Using steady strokes apply two thin coats of Tropink onto all your nails except the ring finger. On the ring fingers of both hands apply two coats of Sun Flare.

Allow your base coat to dry for a few minutes.

Using a piece of cardboard or plastic (the back of an old magazine or disposable plate is great for this) apply a drop or two of each colour one by one, making sure they don’t mix together.

Dip the end of your dotting tool (a cotton bud without the tip or toothpick works just as well) into your desired colour and use it to create polka dots on the outer edge of each nail.

Wipe the dotting tool off on a tissue to clean off the first colour and repeat the process with another colour making sure to avoid flooding the cuticles or overlapping the dots too much.

Repeat the process with as many colours you desire until one half of your nail has a dotted pattern all over it.

Once you’ve reached the desired effect leave your dotted manicure to dry for up to 10 minutes before adding a coat of clear Color Show polish to seal your creation and add even more shine!

Tips and tricks

You can make this fun manicure a little more sophisticated by simply adding 3 dots of colour near your cuticle in a triangle design instead of applying them all over the nail

Be sure to leave a small gap between your cuticles and the polish to create a more professional looking manicure

These polishes look amazing when paired with a black polish such as the color show polish in the shade Onyx Rush.

This cute manicure can also be found on the Maybelline New York M-edition website.

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