Thebalm company spotlight and major haulage!

Thebalm are not only one of my favourite makeup brands but also one of the most underrated brands in my opinion. The San Fransisco based company consistently delivers when it comes to amazing packaging and innovative and high quality products.

The ten year old company is now sold worldwide  and has loyal customers but is still not widely known

Their most well known products are probably the line of “Lou-Manizers” which are some of the best powder illuminators in the market when it comes to pigmentation and value for money.

However, they have a wide range of other skincare and cosmetics from anti aging concealers to buttery smooth eyeshadow palettes that are definitely worth the money.

Over the past few years I have managed to track down both online and instore stockists that have been able to satiate my thebalm addiction but always get excited when I find another. 

My collection has grown and I consistently find myself impressed with each new product  I try.

Recently, when  I saw that an Australian website had a sale on Thebalm products I pulled out my overworked credit card and purchased a few goodies.

Here is what I added to my collection. 

En Root Moisturise my hair Shampoo and Conditioner and Conditioning treatment mask

This is my first foray into Thebalm hair care products but I made sure to pick these up as I was very impressed that they were sulphate and paraben free ( a MUST for me) I haven’t used these yet as I like to finish what is in the shower before I start new products but at first impression i like the fragrance and packaging ( to me they smell like tropical fruits)

I am especially eager to try the treatment mask as my colour and constantly heat treated hair always needs a boost of moisture.

Mary Loumanizer 

I already own this product but bought this as a back up ( and as I only paid $14 as opposed to the normal $35 I may give it away in a giveaway soon) This super shimmery and amazingly soft powder packs such a punch that I doubt you would ever need to repurchase it as the large size of the pan and intensity of product means that it will just go on and on. I love that this is a multi purpose product as it can be used as a high light and eyeshadow. If you don’t own this I seriously recommend it.

Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow palette

Im so glad I picked this up as there are some really lovely and really wearable shades here. I have been a long time fan of the nude’tude  palette and thought I would choose something with a little more colour. This little palette contains 9 matt shades all aptly named after (fictional? real life?) Matts. There are some beautiful nudes with a few darker colours such as a blue, purple and teal. These are so smooth and soft and great at blending in. 

Schwing black liquid Eyeliner.

Im really impressed with this product. I wrote a mini review a little while ago that you can find here.

Bodybuilder black mascara

I have no business buying mascaras. I have so many opened and so many that are still unopened in the drawers but I just needed to try this one. Im hoping this one lives up to its names and gives me some serious lash!

Hot ticket nail polish in Coral Reef-ined and Don’t Pink and Drive

I picked these up because my favourite glitter polish (hot and gold) is by the balm and I was really surprised by the quality and staying power of the polish. These two are glossy and divine on the nails.

Powder to the people and Crease, love and happiness.

I don’t really buy new brushes all that often as I am a bit of a die hard beauty blender fan but these were too pretty to not pick up and my eco tools powder brush was looking a bit tired.  Will start using these now that I’ve photographed and written about them. Its been killing me seeing them in the box while I waited to have a chance to write about them

I’d really love to hear your opinions on any of these products.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Reply July 1, 2014

What website did you purchase these from?

Sarah Foote
Reply July 1, 2014

I love TheBalm so much! My top 5 beauty brands! I recently did a big haul too. Been loving their liquid eyeliner & lipstick! Xx

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