Eyebrow Gel vs Eyebrow Gel

Brows!   Who would have thought that they could be so important! And who would have thought that eyebrow fashion could change so drastically over the decades. Some of us are lucky to have lovely, defined brows that need very little filling in, others have little to no brow to speak of, and then there are those of us who are constantly plucking and waxing to fend off the ever threatening mono brow. Its such a fine balance between over groomed and too thin and little forehead bushes. There are so many product options these days; from powders and pomades to pencils and waxes. One of the easiest options though is the brow gel. Its a great place to start if you are inexperienced as they come with all the tools you need in one neat package. Here are three types of Brow Gels available.

The Clear Eyebrow gel – Kit cosmetics Eyebrow Gel

If you have full and dark brows that are well defined then you might find that you don’t really need to worry about brows too much, you might however find that they become unruly and messy during the day. In terms of grooming all you might need to do is give them a little trim and clean up underneath every now and then. The product for you would be a clear brow gel like the one made by Kit Cosmetics (pictured) or this one by Ardell.

This product is designed to do nothing more than keep your brows in place the same way that a hair gel works on your hair. You only need the tiniest amount or else it can come off looking too glossy and stiff. Be sure to remove it properly when you wash your face or else it can build up and look flakey like dandruff.

The Tinted Eyebrow gel – Eyeko Eyebrow Gel

If you have blonde or invisible brow hair then a tinted eyebrow gel might be the right product for you. It works in the same way as a mascara to coat your brows in a coloured substance to make them stand out while also holding them in place. It will also work at giving you the appearance of thicker brows as the hairs are slightly thicker and might fill in tiny patches. There are lots of different formulas at lots of different price points.  As these are tinted you will need to make sure that the colour suits your overall look. Try the Natio tinted brow gel or the Eyeko tinted Brow gel (pictured)

Although the Eyeko is not my favourite as it is a little more liquid than I like and seems to have microshimmer in it.

The Volumising Eyebrow Gel – Benefit Gimme Brow

Those of us with the saddest of eyebrows, take note! Perhaps you were born eyebrow challenged or maybe years of plucking have left you a little lacking in this department.  Benefit Gimme Brow is a tinted brow gel that contains tiny fibres which stick to existing hairs and your skin and create the illusion of fuller brows.

Perhaps like me you have tiny patches that need a bit more oomph or maybe your brows are a tad too short or thin. This might help. At the moment Benefit is one of the only products of this type but keep an eye out as more companies will follow suit soon.

What sort of Brow products do you use?

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Ooh I must try the Benefit Gimme Brow. It sounds fantastic! ♡


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