My top 5.. The Red lippie edition

Everybody needs a good red lipstick. Whether you are going for retro glamour or just a pop of colour a quick swipe of a red lipstick can brighten up your face. 
There is a perfect shade of red for everyone! Red lipstick looks great with everything from a black formal dress to a casual jeans and tshirt if done properly. It can be totally intense and matte or sheer and glossy. 
Here are my top 5!

1. MAC – Ruby Woo

This is the lipstick that lured me into MAC for the first time. Ruby Woo is much loved by those who own it and much coveted toby  those who don’t. Whats not to love? This lipstick smells like candy, the finish is super matte but still comfortable to wear. The matte formula is long lasting and packs a punch for a bold lip without being scary. I would wear this everyday if I could get away for it. THis is my pinup perfection lip colour

2. Benefit Full finish lipstick – flirt alert

This is my one and only Benefit cosmetics lipstick and I love it. Its super silky smooth  and super comfortable of the lips, the colour is a beautiful orange based red. It wears well throughout the day and is a pleasure to wear. I often reach for this to add a pop of colour to my look.

3. Revlon – Certainly red

This is my second tube of this “looks good on everyone” red. This lipstick applied sparingly looks lovely during the day for work or paired with a casual chic outfit and a pony tail for a day out. Apply a little more and its instant night time glamour. This much loved (shabby) tube lives in my handbag.

4. Nyx round lipstick – Chic red

If you rarely wear a red lip or are after something cheap and cheerful then you cant go past the gorgeous pink red of Chic red by nyx. Its so pretty and so bright!  These lipstick is amazing quality for the price. It is silky on the lips and is fairly long wearing. This is as good as the MAC.

5. MAC – M.A.C red

Gorgeous, silky and soft on the lips, this super pigmented red is perfect for a classic red lip. Its not as pink as others, being a true red. There is not much else I can say about it but the fact that MAC gave its name to this shade speaks volumes.

Left to right; ruby woo, flirt alert, certainly red, chic red and MAC red

Whats your favourite red lipstick?

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Jacquelyn Cox
Reply April 21, 2014

Mac Red is my favourite out of those fives! I think it suits you the best! :)

Lipstick 'n' Linguine
Reply April 23, 2014

Please excuse the terrible skin everyone.. i was having a bit of a bout of dermititis :(

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