6 simple ways to take off the day.

I’m not sure that there anything better after a long day than taking off your makeup and splashing water on your face. Sometimes its the first thing I do, especially in summer after a scorching hot or humid day. Sometimes the products that we lovingly apply in the morning can become unbearable by the evening.
Regardless of how tired/drunk/busy you are it is absolutely essential to completely remove your makeup before you go to bed at night! Failing to do so is a sure fire way to subject yourself to breakouts and increase the chances of other skin problems like increased sensitivity, dermititis and milia. 
So here are 6 ways to remove yor makeup before hitting the sack to ensure that your beauty sleep doesn’t lead to  a pore clogging, Panda-eye inducing mess.
1. Clarisonic Facial cleansing brush
Has there been a more hyped and talked about cleaning system to date than the clarisonic facial cleansing brushes?  This range of so called miracle facial brush claims to remove 6 times more makeup than fingers alone. Regardless of whether the claims are true or not there is no doubt that this brush leads to the cleanest and freshest feeling skin ever!  Everyone who I know uses a clarisonic uses it differently. Some use it a few times a week for a deep clean while other like myself is it very very gently every night with an organic cleanser. Be sure to only use as directed and never be too rough with it. The clarisonic systems are available from department stores and online at Adore Beauty.
2. Bioderma Micellular water 
This is the magical potion that beauty bloggers far and side swear by. People way smarter than me have come up with a formula that removes makeup without any tightness or scrubbing. This removes even the most stubborn makeup in about 3 or 4 cotton pads. I use this often after using the clarisonic to refresh my face and get it ready for my night cream. Bioderma is not simply a remover however, it claims to also improve the skin. Pick up your Bioderma cleansing water from Priceline.
3. Enjo body cleansing pads
You’ve probably heard of Enjo in terms of household products. They’re known world wide for offering chemical free home cleaning solutions, well they also manufacture body and face care products. These little pads will take off all your makeup using warm water, the microfibers capture makeup and take it off with minimal effort. Take care not to press too hard as they are super exfoliating and can cause some redness. Even long wear makeup and waterproof mascara comes off with these little pads. The pack comes with 7 pads and a wash bag and are designed to be popped into the washing machine. Think reusable supercharged cotton pads. These little babies are available from Enjo distributors or try ebay.
4. Coconut oil
Super noroushing and used by everyone from nutritionalists to makeup artists Coconut oil not only smells amazing but t also serves a number of beauty purposes. Take a tiny amount and rub onto your closed eyelids and see the makeup instantly melt. A simple swipe with a cotton pad afterwards will see it all disappear. It feels super luxurious and is so affordable. Never buy makeup remover again!  Head to your local supermarket to pick up some coconut oil, make sure to go organic!
5. Makeup remover wipes

I know that there are girls that swear by these products but I must admit that I only use these premoistened wipes in an emergency or when staying away from home for a night it two. Unfortunately these often irritate my sensitive skin and lots of them have those sulfates, parabens and other baddies that often do more damage than good. If this is your preferred method of removing your face then I can’t stress enough that they should not be used exclusively. Make sure to always give your face a rinse with water after each use.

6. Manicare facial cleansing brush*

For those of you a little afraid of the power (and price tag) of the electric facial brushes there is an alternative. This facial cleansing brush by manicare used the same premise of the electric/sonic version but it is a lot more gentle and easily controlled by the user. The bristles are super super soft and it feels quite luxurious to use. I use it on the inbetween days from the clarisonic and find that it feels more like a buff than a scrub.  I also use this on the more sensitive parts of my face. Simply moisten the brush and your face and apply a cream or foaming cleanser and move the brush in circular motions across your face. This is definitely worth a try! This brush is available at Priceline

Leave a comment below and let me know your fool proof way of taking off the days makeup 
*the manicare brush was sent to me as a pr sample.

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Reply April 30, 2014

i just discovered coconut oil as an amazing makeup remover!

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