At this point I feel like I no longer need to write up anything about these palettes. Ive revewed so many of them and have whole heartedly enjoyed all the palettes so much that I feel like its all getting a little repetative.

But for the sake of those who have not yet been introduced to Zoeva; Ill let you know that Zoeva is a German based brand availabe in Sephora in Australia. Their price point for their shadows is quite low (under $4 a shadow) and are as good as many more expensive brands.


See my review of the Caramel Melange palette HERE

The true winners in Zoeva palettes are always their shimmers which are smooth and soft and give great colour payoff. The negatives of these palettes is that the shadows can be a little powdery and fall can be common.

See my review of the En Taupe Palette HERE

Now that you have a general understanding of Zoeva.. let me introduce you to the Zoeva Blanc Fusion.


This palette was released very late last year and was song along side the Caramel Melange and Cocoa Blend in a box set. The three palettes work well together to create a multitude of warm looks that are very on trend.

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On its own The Zoeva Blanc Fusion is probably my least favourite of the three but is still a nice palette with a good range of basic mattes and some pretty shimmers.

The gradient of matte shades are nice and smooth, and fairly opaque in their consistency and on their own create a great basics palette for a beginner.


At first I was a little confused by the bright yellow shade in the palette, you will see in the review (which I filmed a couple of months ago) that it wasnt a shade that really appealed to me but i have to admit that with time it has grown on me and  i have used it occasionally and found that blended out it looks quite nice.


See the rest of my thoughts in the video below.

Available at Sephora or Zoeva website

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