It was quite a big month here at LNL HQ (thats what I like to call the makeup stuffed spare room in my house) with a multitude of new products landing on my door step. As the new financial year rolls in companies start releasing previews of future launches, so stay tuned for those sorts of posts.

I was out and about quite a bit this month  with events hosted by Elizabeth Arden, Mecca and Priceline celebrating a whole bunch of new items.

Check out my post of the new Korean brand available in Mecca Maxima here

For those who have asked about Chloe and her health Im pleased to report that she is doing well, her appetite can only be described as ravenous and she is slowly filling out. It was quite distressing to see her lose all that weight earlier this year. We know that although we are unable to reverse or cure her kidney disease its comforting to know that we can manage it for a while at least.

In terms of favourites this month I really enjoyed a good mix of skincare and makeup items. Some products were new to me while I rediscovered some older goodies. There were also some products that I wasnt quite a fan of.

Check out the video below for a run down of events, products and empties for the month of May!


Stay beautiful!


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