New! Chosungah 22 & 16 Brand

New! In Mecca Maxima is super cool South Korean brand Chosungah 22. Started by makeup artist extrodinaire, Ms Chosungah, the brand features innovative products and packaging that are sure to appeal to Aussie consumers.



I was recently invited to sample some of the products and meet Ms Chosungah in a Mecca hosted event. Some of the highlights include the eyeshadow palette with a crazy jelly like texture (see below) the transparent ‘Flavourful” lipsticks and the gorgeous liptints.


Along with Chosungah 22 comes sister brand 16 Brand, this brand offers a colourful assortment of cosmetics and skincare in some interesting textures. The finger pens are an innovative way to apply colour to the face and the beautiful pink and yellow lipstick bullets are sure to be very instagram worthy.


Check out the video below to see some first imressions of Chosungah 22 an 16 brand products.

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