Worth the hype?! MakeUp Geek.

MakeUp Geek


MakeUp Geek is the little brand that is mastering the world. Started by gorgeous YouTuber Marlena Stell, the brand receives  endless praise from industry professionals as well as beauty bloggers.

So again, I ask myself; Is it worth the hype?

MUG shadows come as “naked” pans that can be mixed and matched to create your own customisable palette. The palette that is most widely used is the Z Palette

MakeUp Geek

I bit the bullet and purchased a number of shadow pans (21 to be exact) as well as a large Z Palette to store my new beauties.

I enjoyed the process of emptying the small sleeves and then creating the palette with all the shadows that I had purchased.

MakeUp Geek

“My palette” is indicative of the shades I most often use; that is mid toned neutral shades in both matte and shimmery shades and cool and warm shades. I avoided too much colour or anything that is too dark or dramatic. Its a good palette, although it is a little repetitive and probably a little “blah” for many people.

So.. what are my thoughts?

MakeUp Geek

The MakeUp Geek shadows are incredibly smooth and pigmented. We hear the term ‘buttery” bandied around a lot however there  just isnt a better word to describe these shadows. The mattes blend like a dream, while the shimmers are smooth and shiny. However, the foiled shadows are trully the star of the show; the oily base and high pigmentation make these shadows glisten on the lids. The look like your most expensive, high quality shimmer shadows with the MAC fix+ already built in

MakeUp Geek

I guess I’ll leave it to the video below to explain whether or not I think these are worth the hype (although I think you might have a good idea by now) as well as a live look at the texture and formula of the shadows.



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Michelle Morchella
Reply October 8, 2016

I think they look stunning in every swatch I saw, Hopefully one day I'll have the chance to try them as well. :)

filipinas dava
Reply October 8, 2016

Hello there!! Just subbed you!! I wanna enter for the giveaway♥♥♥my IG handle is @filipinasdava

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