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makeup pencils
Makeup pencils  are not a recent  invention, we have been using the humble pencil in our routines for as long as we have been lining our eyes and lips.
However in recent years a plethora of cosmetics pencils marketed as chubby sticks, crayons, pencils and more have hit the shelves.
The appeal is understandable, they’re really portable, compact and generally eliminate the need for additional tools.
Here are some of my favourites.
"nudestix" "makeup"
"nudestix" "concealer"Nudestix are here! A range of cosmetics in pencil form designed to be used on eyes, lips and face. The brand has been available in the states for a while and now are also available instore  exclusively through Sephora. Sydney girls can get them now, while our interstate sisters will need to wait a little further.                                      A wide range of eye, lip and cheek pencils and concealer sticks are available and are designed to be multipurpose. Each pencil comes packed in a sturdy little tin that also includes a mirror and its own sharpener. Keep an eye out for these because these will be big! Theyre priced at around the $30 mark.
"scandaleyes" "makeup" "creamshadow"
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Sticks are blendable, long lasting and affordable cream eyeshadow in a pencil form.  They also come in a wide array of colours including a couple of mattes (most brands tend to do shimmer pencil shadows only) I love how smudgy they are but that once they set they don’t budge. Priced at $12.95 you could get a few to mix and match.
"maybelline colordrama velvet pencil" "maybelline" "lipstick"
No doubt you will have tried the Maybelline color drama intense lip pencils by now. If not you really should! They’re so creamy and intensely pigmented and priced under a tenner they’re definately worth the investment! You can read more about them here!
"abh" "anastasia beverly hills"
The Anastasia Beverly Hills eyelights shimmer pencil contains a soft glowy product designed to be used on the brow bone, however it also works well blended into any other parts of the faceyou want to hightlight. It’s a fairly subtle glow that should work on most skin tones. It’s a great product to keep in your bag for on the go highlighting.


Sephora do some great in house products including this brow tamer which is essentially a colourless brow wax in pencil form. It’s super portable for touch ups throughout the day and works well in conjunction with eyebrow powders. The chubby little stick is super soft and would benefit from being put in the fridge prior to sharpening.

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Katina Lindaa
Reply April 30, 2015

Loved the photography of this post Rosa! x

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply April 30, 2015

    Thanks girl! Ill be sticking to this style for a while i think.. much more interesting than the plain background. Yours are looking amazing as well!!!

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