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Greetings from the Whitsundays! We are enjoying the sun and the sea and getting in a little rest and recuperation before the 2015 work year begins.
It’s so important to give your self a break every now and then to recharge the batteries. A resort holiday like this one if you’re lucky enough to be able to take it helps to make the long working days worth it!
I thought I would share with you all some of my packing essentials for this summer holiday.


1. Protection
From the sun of course. Sunscreen and a hat are essential in the Australian summer (and winter in fact)  I’ve chosen to protect my self with some waterproof sunscreen from the Cancer Council and a cute fedora style straw hat from Princess Highway.
I always avoid bringing my high end luxe sunglasses when I head to the beach. The sand and water aren’t great for the lenses and hardware instead I purchase a cheaper alternative like the large framed fiorelli glasses in the photo above. They were insanely cheap at a sale (under $20) and it means I won’t be constantly worried about them getting constantly splashed in the pool.
DO Slip, Slop, Slap and be sure to reapply sunscreen frequently
DONT forget to protect  your eyes with some large framed sunglasses


2. Entertainment
You’ll need to rest your mind as well as your body but don’t want to get bored. If you’re bringing a device like a phone or iPad along make sure to download a podcast, audiobook or album to listen to as you people watch or simply close your eyes and dry off from your swim. I recently got hooked to the podcast Serial and have finished that off by the pool, I’ve also been listening to the new Album by the Foo Fighters! Keep your cords tidy with a cord tie like the one above by Bobino.
DO bring along something to keep yourself entertained
DONT bury yourself in social media and work related emails etc. Take time to look up from the screen and enjoy the view.
Unless you’re frequenting a fairly liberal type resort (read clothing optional) you’ll need some relaxed clothes. Choose loose fitting and versatile pieces ie simple pieces that can be mixed and matched to create outfits that can take you from the pool to dinner time. Take a pair of dressy style sandals that can help dress up a maxi dress or pair of shorts and leave your thongs for by the pool and beach walks. Remember to bring at least one long sleeved item not only for weather changes but to protect yourself further from the sun. I’ve been spending time in tshirt style dresses from Sportgirl over my swimmers as well as loose fitting shorts from Jeans West and Target paired with simple singlets for the pool and more dressy tops for dinner time.
Dont forget swimmers, wear whatever style you like but be aware that feeling comfortable is more important than just looking a certain way. Wearing a style with cross over straps makes you feel more secure and less worried about “falling out” so you can swim and frolick to your hearts content.
DO dress for comfort and keep it simple with loose and cool clothing.
DO rock whichever style of swimsuit you like, one price, two piece or string bikini just own it.
DONT over pack or spend your time and energy worrying about your swimmers and all those body “bits” you don’t like. Chances are nobody is even noticing.


4. Beauty and health
Be sure to pack any medications that you require as well as the following
– pain relief eg Panadol
– insect repellant
– after sun spray or lotion
– motion sickness tablets
– band aids
– antihistamines
Take care of your skin and bring along a good quality face and body moisturiser. All that sea, sun and sunscreen can dry out your skin.
Of course I’m going to bring makeup! Not loads of it mind you as most of my day is spent swimming but a few “essentials” to keep me feeling my best. Don’t hide your healthy holiday glow with loads of foundation but do bring something to provide a little coverage if that’s what you want. Ive brought along a bb cream by Smashbox to help even out my skin tone while also poviding sun protection and some other skin benefits. At night I have been using a touch of blush and a coat of mascara and lip balm or lipstick to creat a pretty relaxed look.
DO bring some emergency medications just in case. There is nothing worse than being stuck with a headache or allergies while you’re supposed to be relaxing.
DONT cover that holiday glow with tonnes of makeup!
The biggest DO of all is have fun, don’t stress and just relax!
See you when I get back!!
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