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A large neon and fragrant box arrived the other day at LNL HQ and while the editor in chief cat wasn’t too impressed in the fragrance of essential oils wafting through the edges of the box this blogger and bath devotee was super excited to receive samples of the new collection from LUSH. I have been a fan of LUSH for longer than i care to admit. Whats not to love? With their giant slabs of coloured soaps, candy coloured bath bombs and ethically sourced ingredients LUSH is a firm favourite of bath lovers world wide.

The newly released collection consists of a number of bath, styling and skincare products that (like all LUSH products) are cruelty free and handmade.

Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb.


A new collection would not be complete without  new bath bomb and this one which is cleverly named Grandma takes a dip is a pretty candy  hued dream. The coloured rings dissolve separately to create a multicoloured bath. It smells like a citrus soft drink with ginger and lemon scents recognisable as it dissolves.

My bomb was extremely soft and crumbly and had to be handled carefully. I think perhaps the exceptionally humid weather might have affected its texture slightly making it more fragile than usual but this only slightly affected the quality of the product.   This is so pretty and would be a product that i would definately purchase again.

Scent  – 3/3
Ease of use – 3/3
Performance – 2/3
Likelihood to repurchase – 3/3

D’Fluff shaving cream

This product is .. different and i wasn’t sure that i would like it but i ended up loving this one almost as much as the bath bomb. Using this product is like shaving your legs with strawberry mousse! Its aerated, fluffy texture make it instantly melt on the skin to provide a super moisturising shaving cream. While it is labelled as strawberry product I felt that it smelled a lot like roses upon opening the container. This product  contains various oils including coconut oil which left my skin super soft and provides a great close shave.

Scent – 3/3
Ease of use – 3/3
Performance – 3/3
Liklihood to repurhcase – 3/3

African Paradise Body Conditioner

Is an in shower product designed to be used after using soap or body wash and just like hair conditioner this skin conditioner leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. This product helped to revive my dry and scaly post holiday skin. I like that this product unlike some inshower conditioners i have tried doesn’t leave a really thick coating on your skin after rinsing off. This smells like a cinnamon infused baked dessert. The blend of oils including moringa and ylang ylang make for a super sweet yet earthy scent that stays on the skin once your shower is over. Take care in the shower cos this container gets super slippery as does everything else!

Scent – 2/3
Ease of use – 2/3
Performance – 3/3
Liklihood to repurchase 2/3

Zest Hair Jelly

This was probably my least favourite of the new collection only because its not a product that I could get much use of. It was quickly handed over to Mr LNL who decided that it would replace his current hair product for a little while. This is super scented! Personally it was a little strongly scented for me, it smells (and looks) like very strong orange marmalade. Mr LNL said that it helped to define his curls but wasn’t super stiff or sticky and was excited to tell me that  “I could smell it all day!” (That was a positive). He also said that the little pot would last ages as a little goes a long way. Its a pretty slippery product which needed to be rubbed between the hands and distributed through the hair. The fact that this product is fairly liquid made me think that a pot (that you need to dig into) wasn’t the best choice for packaging. A tube or pump might have been a little more user friendly.

Scent – 1/3
Ease of use – 2/3
Performance – 2/3
Liklihood to repurchase – 1/3

Mangnificent soap and Parsley Porridge soap

I love LUSH soaps and tend to lean towards the sweet fruity scented varieties. LUSH has released a new fruity variety in the form of Mangnificent. The soap is predominantly mango scented and contains pieces of dried mango and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a big mango smoothie.

The Parsley Porridge soap is a minty green colour and has a layer of porridge particles on the top which help to gently massage and  exfoliate the skin. This one doesn’t have a recognisable scent ( i suppose it smells like parsley seeds) It is meant to be antibacterial and help manage and minimise acne

Scent – 2/3
Ease of use – 3/3
Performance – 3/3
Likelihood to repurchase 2/3

This collection is in stores now and can be purchased online.

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Somehow I just want to own everything they sell!

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