Review and swatches – TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Lipgloss

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated with TheBalm.. I thought I would put that out there because I do rave about their products here on the blog on a regular basis.

I love the general vibe of the products, the packaging is always cute and the price point is reasonable compared to some other brands of a similar quality. 
So, knowing my love for all things TheBalm you can imagine my absolute delight when I was sent a bunch of TheBalm plump your pucker lipglosses to review! I had already purchased a couple of shades earlier in the year and loved them (see my post here about a long lasting and luscious lip look using this product) and was super happy to add some more to my collection. Thebalm plump you pucker glosses are a range of cleverly named, sheer  and  tinted glosses that smell as amazing as they look. 

In my experience I havnt found that they give a drastic plumping effect to the lips but there is a slight tingling once you apply them and lips look noticeably more full and some of the lip lines disappear after about 15 minutes.
I’m not overly concerned with lip plumping as my lips are naturally pretty full but those of you that are should take note that I didn’t experience anything major. 
I was more concerned with the wearability of the gloss, the look of the shades and the all round yumminess of these glosses. 

First things first, the packaging. The glosses are housed in your standard  round plastic tube with a doe foot wand applicator. The applicator gives a great gloopy sound when taken out and a lot of the product is cleaned off the wand. I found that I usually only needed one dip of the wand to cover my lips but there wasn’t too much there to be manageable. 

Next, the texture of these are fantastic. There is minimal stickiness (I hate sticky glosses) and these gave a lovely slippery feel to the lips without any noticeable stickiness for me. In the long hair, windy day test these did collect a couple of strands but they slid right off rather than becoming a mess.
The scent of these are amazing, if you’re after a subtly scented product then maybe these aren’t for you. But if you love the added bonus of a mouth watering fruity scent then *ding* we have a winner. From cherry to lemon and lots of other fruity combos in between these smell like different flavored chupa chips

Left to right; Spike my punch, water my melon, strawberry my shortcake, squeeze my lemons, Ruby my grapefruit, tutti my frutti, passion my fruit.

Lastly and most importantly the shades, there is a fairly wide range of shades (ten plus a clear gloss) but its important to know that most of these run pretty sheer and give summery wash of colour to lips rather than an opaque and highly pigmented finish. As a lot of these shades have a little sparkle they look good over lipstick to add another dimension and provide that plumping effect that naturally comes with a little gloss in the middle of your lips. The only negative i can say about the shade range is that they are all (with the exception of a couple) fairly light shades and are missing a few brighter pops of colour.

From bottom to top. 
Spike my punch – a rosey pink/red
Water my melon – sheer pink
Strawberry my shortcake – baby pink with shimmer 
Squeeze my lemons – clear
Ruby my grapefruit – sheer and shimmer pink with orange/coral tones
Tutti my frutti – the most pigmented shade – a corally red with shimmer
Passion my fruit – the darkest shade, almost a plum  type shade with shimmer 

My favourite shade is Spike my Punch which is the closest shade to a red available, and gives a lovely rosey look to the lips. I loved the scent of Squeeze my lemons which is a clear gloss that is so delicious smelling that my husband asked me if had some sort of lemon lolly after i applied it in the car.

I think these are definitely worth a look at if you’re a lip gloss lover or love a no fuss easy wash of colour on your lips over the warmer months.

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