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Hi beauties!

As you read this post I will most likely be away enjoying some down time with the Mister. I thought I would show you what I have brought away with me. Im a chronic over packer and have kept it down to as minimal as I could and.. well.. you will see..

I generally break up mybeauty packing into two categories

My “Wet Bag” which contains all the products you would use to take care of your skin and hair and my “Cosmetics Bag” which is as the name suggests where I keep my makeup. Now these bags are in addition to the regular little makeup pouch I ususally keep in my purse that contains lip balm,  blotting powder and lipstick of the day as well as  “emergency” travel sized products ( Ill do a post about this another time)

My larger Wet bag look s a little like this and contains the following products.

Hairstyling products (hairspray, hair treatment, pins and elastics) I plan on buying a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner while away. A comb to use while my hair is wet in the shower. My Clarisonic Mia 2 to help remove the days grime and makeup with my facial cleanser of the moment; Kiehls cleansing milk. Makeup remover in the form of my truster Bioderma (ive brought a big bottle planning on using it up while away) Moisturiser, Ive decided to bring the Weleda day and night cream because; one, I love it (check out my review) and two, the small little tubes are super travel friendly. Eye cream in the form of Natskin Snowflake eye gel and cotton pads to help clean my face. Im also obviously bringing with me my dental care supplies and personal hygiene necessities.
My cosmetics bag is probably a little more exciting and I’ve tried to minimise by bringing along a few multipurpose products

Ill start with facial products, I’ve decided to bring along my Estee Lauder double wear foundation. While it might seem a little heavy for a vacation I like sheering it down with a bit of moisturiser for day time use and then using it alone to create a nice even base for night time. See my review of it here I wont need to bring concealer seeing that this foundation is full coverage however, I will still bring along my Bobbi Brown Corrector to help brighten my eyes

For my cheeks I decided to bring along my Thebalm How ’bout them apples cheek and lip palette as it means that I can wear a different colour on my cheeks each day if I like. Ill also use this for lip colours which means i don’t need to bring as many lipsticks (psshh yeah right). The dewey nature of these crème blushes look great alone but can also be topped with the smallest amount of powder to look more matte. See my review of it here I also brought along Thebalm Instain in Argyle as a bright pink was the only shade I was missing in the palette. Ive also brought along MaryLoumanizer and some powder in the form of Benefit’s The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine (this packaging is great for travel)

For my eyes Ive brought along the Jane Iredale Longest Lash, not only because it is incredibly tiny (its a sample size after all) but it is also incredibly good. You can see my review of it here. Ive also brought along my Clinique Cream Liner as well as my Mayebelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner.

In terms of eye shadow I really struggled with what to bring with me I finally decided on my Naked Basics palette as it contains the essentials but also decided to bring along my new Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadows to add a bit of shimmer if the occasion calls for it.

Lips!  Ive brought along a few options including some glosses and lipsticks. Ive brought along two of my new favourites in the form of Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks in Miss Melissa (Hot pink) and Miss Bree (blush pink) Thebalm gloss in Spike my Punch, an orange shade in the form of Pretty Persimon by Wet n Wild and the gorgeous Kelly Yum Yum and Dodgy Girl from Mac

Ill also bring along some tools such as my beauty blender, a blush brush and a couple of eye shadow blushes as well as my GHD to keep my locks tamed. The last thing ive packed is a nail file and some nail polish remover pads as even thought ill give myself a manicure just before I leave I get really OCD about nail polish chipping and have to remove it once it looks less than perfect (strange I know)

And I think that’s it! Is it more or less than you would take for a week away?

I hope youre all well! Until next time!

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