Mascara Madness feat Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara

Oh I’m so glad that this Mascara Madness is under way (thanks brain!) as its given me the excuse to purchase and open the newest mascara from Rimmel London.

The Wonder’full mascara has sucked me in big time with its pretty reflective packaging and dramatic television advertisements.

So, here are my first impressions of this new mascara.

Here are the deets first!

Wonder’full mascara is a volumising mascara which has the added benefit of nourishing the lashes with Argan Oil. Rimmel claims that the brush and formula will give a “Full, perfectly smooth, clump-free lashes” (lets see.. everything seems to clump on these short little lashes) This mascara retails for $A17.95 but I got it on special for $10 at Priceline.

You can hear the goopy sound from here right?

Upon opening it the first thing I noticed (other than that really satisfying gloopy sound that always comes from the first time opening a mascara) is that the brush looks great. It reminds me a lot of the Benefit Theyre Real mascara wand except that it is larger and more dense.

The mascara does have an odor (as many do) but its not over powering. its quite a glossy product before it goes on.

Here are my first time results (on a bleary eyed, barefaced day)

Here are the weirdest googliest eyes I could muster. Top to bottom:
No mascara, one coat and two.

MY first impresssions are that I really like the way this mascara has defined and separated my lashes. THe wand has done a good job at coating most of the lashes and has kept my lashes from sticking together like they usually do

This mascara wore well without transferring or flaking on me and was easy to take off with my regular Bioderma.

Im pretty chuffed with this product and like it a lot more that a comparable product (Theyre Real) Thumbs up from this beauty blogger!

Until tomorrow!

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