Mini Monday post – Mario Badescu drying lotion and buffering lotion

I say it every week! Mondays are brutal. Today was even worse than usual as Sydney is in the middle of stormagedon.

So it is with great pleasure that I bring you this mini Monday post from the comfort and warmth of my bed. I’m just about to settle in and watch some tv but thought you could all join me for a moment so I can tell you about these two pimple fighting machines from Mario Badescu skincare.
I have owned the Drying lotion since early this year and have recently purchased the buffering lotion as well. The tiny little bottles seem to be quite expensive but I can honestly say that they seem to go really far.
Due to the effects of office heating, chilly weather and  stress my skin has been a bit of a mess so these two products have really been my lifesavers.
The  drying lotion is  more of a suspended powder than a lotion and looks a lot like calamine. it is useful to dry out those white heads and blemishes that have visibly reached the surface (you know what I mean 😬)  it’s used by dipping a clean cotton bud into the pink sediment at the bottom of the container (don’t shake it .. It’s supposed to be settled) and dabbing it directly onto the blemish after you cleanse your skin at night. I don’t suggest you putting it on large areas as it is, as the name suggests very drying.  It will dry to an opaque white spot on your face that you wash off in the morning. The treated area will usually peel after a couple of days.
The buffering lotion is for those terrible, sore blind pimples that either never come to the surface or take forever to do so. This one needs to be shaken up and applied to the surface of the skin where you feel the bump. Because it is quite clear it can be reapplied throughout the day on top of makeup. You need to rub this one in a little bit
I trully believe both these products  help to shorten the period of my breakouts!
Both of these products as well as other products from the Mario Badescu skincare range can be found at Mecca Cosmetica and at the time of this post retail at about $27 each.
I hope you have enjoyed this little review, leave a comment below if you need any more info…
Otherwise.. You can scoot off for now.. Cos no one likes a blanket hog.
Sweet dreams!


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