Milani baked blushes


An affordable drugstore  blush that is getting way more love than my beloved NARS blushes?
The introduction of the Milani baked blushes have changed my (makeup) world!
I think I first heard about the brand from Makeup Geek’s Marlena when she touted their liquid eye eyeliner pencils as the best drugstore liner on the market. So I bought one from crush cosmetics and was so impressed with the quality of the liner, it was like the softest eye product I had ever used. In reality this eyeliner didn’t work so well for me due to my super oily lids.. But I digress.
 Fast forward 12 months and I had been seeing these little gold packaged blushes everywhere and so I decided to include a couple into my beauty joint order. At under $10 each I was happy to take a chance
The pink of Delizioso Pink is such a pop of colour in the pan and on the skin, it’s super pigmented and is a mid toned but also bright  (almost candy) pink. It’s a cool tone and I can see a lot of blue in the shade especially in the pan. I want to say that the finish is matte because well, it mostly is but I do see a almost pearlescent quality when swatched heavily. I don’t find it over powdery but be warned you need to use a very light hand when using it or you may end up looking way too rosey!


Corallina is the one that I get the least use out of because even though the blush shade is a gorgeous peachy coral  (almost tangerine) was surprised to find that it had shimmery gold veining throughout the pan (which wasn’t visible in the stores photos)  the veining contains quite a lot of courser shimmer which I would call borderline glitter, which I’m not into on an every day basis. You can brush away the majority of the shimmer off the cheeks but I tend to avoid it as I’m afraid to look like a disco ball. Such a shame because the actual colour of the blush is divine. I’ve seen other people pictures and mine seems to have quite a bit of veining.
The next shade I purchases I bought without really expecting much. People on Instagram had been talking about beautiful Luminoso was, but in the pan it looks dull and flat and borderline a contour colour rather than blush. If you follow me on Instagram (plug plug plug @lipsticknlinguine) you will have seen that this blush has been on my face almost every day since I recieved it. It trully is glorious. What looks like a washed out, muted almost burnt orange in the pan translates completely different on the skin. It gives a gorgeous glow to the cheeks (or wherever you put it) I feel like this blush is th equivalent of those last few hours of sunlight in a day. Soft, glowing and warm. If you are going to get one milani blush, get this one!
Here are some swatches of luminoso compared to other glowy pink and coral shades so you can compare it to something you mighty already own.
The last shade I own packs quite a punch. It’s the aptly names Bella Rosa (snigger yes that’s my name) this looks amazing in the pan, it’s an ultra deep pink that borders on red. Be warned that this is super pigmented and you only need to tap your brush lightly into it to get enough product. This looks gorgeous paired with flawless skin and looks like you have come from the cold.
I’m totally in love with these blushes and it’s taking all my willpower not to purchase more of them. My only critisizm is that I don’t really like the packaging all that much as round gold compact is quite bulky considering the amount of product in the pan. And they can be harder to store, the brush and mirror are a nice touch but as with most complimentary brushes it is a bit useless.
But these minor flaws are very much outweighed by all the positives.
Here are swatches of all the shades I own both in direct sunlight and in shaded sunlight. Aren’t they beautiful. They obviously look even better when blended out.


I really recommend you pick up a few shades of these as they are amazing quality, not just for the price point but in their own right.
Do you own any and what are your thoughts?
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Reshma Patel
Reply July 6, 2014

I have just ordered a few of these through Beauty Joint. Can't wait to recieve my Bella Rosa! :)


Bec Campbell
Reply July 6, 2014

Great post! I have been tossing up on whether or not to get these blushes. I seen that cherry culture had them for only $4 last night!

Reply July 6, 2014

Great review and close up pictures. I have a few of these blushes. Luminoso is my favorite. I use a stipple brush to apply them to avoid using too much. I like the packaging, even though it's a bit bulky. I like opening my vanity drawer and seeing them lined up in there.

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine
    Reply July 8, 2014

    They are pretty, but I need to come up with a way theat they wont roll around in my drawers.

    R @ Lipsticknlinguine

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