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I tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with crème eyeshadows. Despite priming with the most famous of eyeshadow primers, careful application and setting with powder shadows they just don’t stay put.. ever.. like NEVER. But theyre so pretty and sheer and I always apply them hoping that this time will be different.

Even those with the word “creaseless” in their name (im looking at you Benefit) crease within an hour and bunch up and move about all day. Colour tattoos? More like a line of colour across the top of my lid. I’m not exaggerating people. My lids must be the oiliest ever because even powder shadow on its own creases like a mofo on an average day ( and on a hot day; forgedaboutit). Too faced eye primer, Urban Decay primer potion, Benefit 360 stay put primer.. nope, nope and nope. Without a doubt these are all good products, but time after time they fail these oily little lids.

So when I was sent these Covergirl flamed out shadow pencils to try I was a bit.. “meh” I mean don’t get me wrong.. who doesn’t love being sent new products to try.. I was grateful.. but I had very low expectations of these.
Clockwise; Icy flame, Ginger flame
Crystal flame and Ice flame.

I was sent five shades; Ashen Glow flame; A dark khaki shade (Ashen flame is hiding somewhere in the beauty room/study so no swatch .. please come home and you wont be in trouble) Crystal flame; A shimmery white. Ginger flame; almost a ballerina pink but with a golden undertone, Ice flame; an icy silver blue and Silver flame a silver than leans towards a gunmetal sheen.


These shades look a little scary in the pencil like they might be super shimmery however, when on the skin they are sheer, subtle and pretty. My favourite shade was Ginger flame as I’m a bit of a sucker for pink, followed by Ashen Glow and Silver flame, The white shade (crystal flame) is a perfect highlight colour but I’m not sure if I could wear it alone (but ill have fun trying) and the ice blue shade will be finding its way to a blue eyed friend of mine as blue has just never been my thing.


 These apply like a dream, they are smooth and sheer and kind of hard to get wrong. They don’t need a lot of blending and have a cooling effect on the skin as soon as they are applied.

Pretty and subtle Ginger Flame
 In natural light
The colour was hard to pick up on camera without the
harshest of light.
I really was expecting these to fail, in fact they were pretty much set up to fail. I applied the Ginger Flame without any primer and I had accidentally put a little bit of foundation on the lid.. a sure fire way to get crease-a-rama within a few minutes. In addition to this I applied probably a little too much product  and didn’t set them (or the rest of my face – hence the shininess) with any powder product.

So c’mon.. lets see how long they take to crease…

After an hour I check the mirror and.. they were fine! A couple of hours later? fine! A whopping 10 hours later? there was some slight movement of product but.. 10 HOURS!!!  IN the picture below you can see the result.. this is my eye after over 10 hours of wear. I applied them before 10am, I went out, I ate lunch, I shopped, I came home, I cooked dinner.. and at 8pm its still there! I still don’t believe it and think that maybe I’m just seeing things. The staying power is AMAZING

This is how Ginger flame looked after a
whopping ten hours of wear. There is some
patchiness but most would have
disappeared by now.

There is minimal creasing but on someone who hasn’t got an Italian salads worth of oil on their lids like I do these should stay put.

I was surprised.. to say the least. To say that this little pencil surpassed my expectations is the understatement of the year. Most non powder shadows creason me within the first hour.

The formula of these products is damn near perfect, they’re a gel formula rather than a crème and perhaps that’s what the difference is. Next time I apply I will use less product as I think my over application might have helped cause some of the creasing. I think the key to this product is a thin even layer over the lid.

If I were to criticize anything about this product is that I’m not a fan of pencils that need to be sharpened, I would have much preferred if these were a twist up similar to a Clinique chubby stick. Im of the opinion that its a bit of a hassle to have to sharpen a product.

I would love to see these released in more shades. I would be running not walking down to my local Priceline if these were available in some neutral shades like a taupe and some mid browns (im getting giddy just thinking about it)and perhaps a black to create a smokey eye,

These retail for the very reasonable price of $9.95 and are available from Priceline and all the usual places that you would usually find Covergirl.

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