I purchased my first pan of Nars Orgasm Powder blush in 2008. Back then Nars wasn’t widely available then and so I had to hope onto Ebay to get a pan of the cult favourite from the United States.

Over the years the iconic peachy pink shade has been released in many formats and palettes. In 2019 the shade has been reimagined in a collection of lip and face products.

My resolve to keep to my “low buy” in 2o19 was definitely tested when Mecca Maxima released the collection late last month.

While I rested the gorgeous Endless Orgasm palette as I wasn’t sure I would use six cream shades you better bet I purchased the Orgasm Liquid Highlighter and the Orgasm Oil Infused Lip Tint

I used a whole bunch of Nars products to create a monochromatic look.

Check it out below!

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