Mecca Maxima’s inhouse brand MECCA MAX is continuing to grow and grow. With the introduction of new products all the time as well as new collections.

The latest collection from Mecca Max is the Gleam Team collection which is made up of a number of different highlighting products from liquid to  powder highlights designed to make anyone look glowy and fresh.

The entire collection is vegan, cruelty free with all pieces priced underneath the $25 mark. The collection is made up of four key products in a range of shades.

 The first products are the GLOW POWDER Highlighting Duos Available in three different varieties the powders are soft, pigmented and easy to blend on the face. Each compact contains two shades one light and one darker which can be used to top other fae products to create a very glowy  bronzed or blush look

The Liquid Light highlighters  are available in four shades and I believe there is truly something here for everyone in the shade range from a very pale shimmery shades to gold and quite a deep bronze that would look beautiful on deep skin tones. This formula rivals some of the more most expensive on the market.

There are also lip products designed to be worn alone or on top of other lipsticks to give a multi dimensional shine to the lips. To finish off the range is a highlighting pencil which brings a subtle shine to the brow bone area, the cupids bow and any other small area that you’d like to highlight.


Check out my demo of all the products below as well as a lot more information and swatches



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