Ouch! April was a tough one!

Apart from the happy celebrations of my husbands birthday, this month was a personally difficult one as sick family members needed lots of attention and some difficult decisions needed to be made.

A much needed break from work came at just the right time in mid April to stop me from burning out completely. In March and April the new role i had taken on at work left me feeling more than a little emotionally drained. Im back at work now with a little more energy but its clear to me that I really need to work on keeping things balanced.


The hectic month meant three things; one, there was deafening silence over here on the blog (although I was still active on facebook, Instagram and Youtube) two, I had to turn down some mighty exciting invites to events (MECCALAND LOOKED AMAZING!!!) and thirdly my makeup routine was often quick, no nonsense and using fool proof products.


This is probably one of my briefest favourites list but here are some of the things I loved this month.

I fell in love with the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink lipsticks last month. The shade Loyalist really captured my heart. Read more about them here.

A new eyeliner by Pixi beauty impressed me with its smooth application and long lasting power.  ( See more in the video below)

One of the items I hauled in last months haul video is Vanilla Quartz by Becca and there are absolutely no regrets as this creamy golden shade does wonders to brighten up the skin.


And yet again the completely instagrammable eyeshadow palette the NARS Wanted Palette featured on my eyes more than any other palette this month (You can see more about this palette here)


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