The massive declutter

Things had gotten a little (read a lot) crowded here at LNL hq, and rather than go out and buy more storage (Im sure we have all been guilty of that) I decided that another declutter was in order.

In the past I’ve been pretty good at getting rid of things that didn’t work, doubles or items that were nearing their expiration date but due to the nature of this beauty reviewing game things had started to stockpile.

So, on a day where the weather was tipping over the 40 degree mark I set about a mission to clear as much space as possible for newer product.

First was the drawers near my vanity which contained all the new items that were due to be reviewed. Unfortunately, sometimes items just don’t make it onto the site as I run out of time and there were quite a few items (mostly skincare) that had been pushed to the back of that drawer to be reviewed later, but later never arrived. As I’ve said in the past, skincare is really hard to review regularly as an extended amount of time needs to be spent using it to get results.

Next came all the “stuff” on top of my vanity which was looking more like a rubbish tip than a work/play space. getting rid of containers of things was easy, finding a place to put it all was more difficult.

The most difficult item was all the makeup, but I persisted and got rid of quite a bit

What I was left with was tidier drawers that actually had ROOM for new stuff, as well as over 200 nail polishes and about ten kilos of still usable makeup in shopping bags ready to pass on to friends, family and colleagues.

Ive been mixing up the makeup Ive been using as I can actually see and reach everything in my collection.

Despite it being a hot, sweaty and dirty ordeal I highly recommend a good declutter every now and then.

Over 3 hours of footage was edited down to the video below, which  tends to jump around a bit but I hope you enjoy it!


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