July Faves! Travel Edition!


July has been a blast, I spent 99% of the month traipsing around Europe visiting beautiful cities, eating amazing food and seeing lovely sites. I greatly overpacked in relation to clothes but also makeup. I brought loads of makeup and skincare but found myself reaching for the same items over and over again.

I rarely wore a full face of makeup! The heat and my state of relaxation meant that I put on as little as possible. I tended to rely on a lot of skincare to try and reverse the damage done but the numerous hours spent on a plane. When i did wear makeup I tended to wear my ItCosmetics CC+ Cream for both a little bit of coverage as well as sun protection along with some sheer washes of colour over the face, eyes and lips.

Here is a condensed list of all the bits and bobs I just couldn’t have done without.
july faves 2

Bioderma Crealine H2O face wipes.

The OG Micellar water in face wipe form. These are hard to come by in Australia, which is a real shame as they’re the best face wipes (and some of the most gentle) on the market (in my opinion) I used the not just to remove makeup but also to refresh my face during and after flights and when on the road for a few hours. This is the second pack I bought while in France so have a few left but will be using them sparingly to make them last. Thoughout the month I also really enjoyed the Bioderma Crealine eye cream. This line seems to do no wrong in my eyes (no pun intended)

Avene Hydrance Optimale in both the Riche and Light formulas

In the days after my initial flight to Europe I found my skin absolutely parched and sensitive and really relied on the Riche moisturiser to keep things hydrated, I generally used this at night to relieve my irritated skin and found that it really helped to keep things a little more supple. As my skin started to balance out a little (after a week or so) I didn’t need the Riche formula as often and picked up the light version from City Pharma. This was great worn alone or layered with my foundation as it contained sunscreen.

july faves 3

Avene Eau Thermale

I have to apologise to all those seated around me who copped a face full of water mist as I doused myself continuously while in between Sydney and London. The flight to Europe in particular was really drying and I needed to boost my moisture many times throughout the flight. For some reason the flight back wasn’t as drying. Perhaps it was because I was leaving after a month of summer and my skin was in a reasonable state.


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating booster

I used the clear, water like moisturiser almost hourly during my long haul flights. A tiny amount spread in  a thin layer kept my skin feeling moisturised and my skin drank this up.

Klorane Dry Shampoo

The favoured dry shampoo of the French quickly became a firm favourite of mine, I picked up a few cans of both the tinted and original formula and used it often as a texturiser for my limp hair (hard water ugh)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Most days a little concealer would suffice in terms of base makeup and I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer exclusively. It was thick enough to provide more than enough coverage while not caking up or shifting around.


july faves1

NYX Cosmetics The Go To Palette

Most of my eye and face makeup in one super portable compact. The highlighter in this palette is particularly good as was the peachy blush shade which was perfect for summer. The eyeshadow shades were pretty and blendable but did need a couple of mattes to complete any look.


NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm

Ive been a long time lover of the original Reve De Miel balm in the little pot so was super excited to see the same formula in a stick form. Picked up quite a few of these while away and have been wearing it alone as a balm or along with a lip balm for a pretty but defined lip look


Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil

For fuss proof brows on the go I found the brand new Goof Proof brow pencil from Benefit Cosmetics was perfect. With a unique diamond shaped tip you can both detail and fill the brows by holding the pencil differently and also contains a spoolie.

While Im back now (and battling the jetlag) Ill continue using all these products as not only were they wonderful for on the go but are wonderful stand alone products that have a place in my collection

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