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I remember buying my first Bourjois product from Priceline vividly. It was a day after school and I had some birthday money! I went in store and purchased one of the little round pots in what I now think was a totally unwearable shade (it was one of my only eyeshadows) green with golden sheen. I treasured that little pot with its small curved sponge applicator and tried my best to rock that green eyeshadow the best I could

Fast forward many (many!) years and my makeup skills have improved, as have the shade ranges of Bourjois.

I was sent a while bunch of product recently to try out and have added some of them to my already firm favourites from the brand..


You may find that Bourjois is one of those difficult brands to find at times. Not all Pricelines stock it, but its worth hunting down if you can. Im currently in Paris as I write this and have found that the brand is basically everywhere. The range here is amazing and much, much more extensive than in available in Australia. I also found that the brand was well represented in the UK as well.



Some of my favourite products have to be the powders in the little round pots. The pots are slimmer and sleeker than they used to be but the silky powders inside are just as good as I remember them to be. I think my favourite has to be the Bourjois Blush (reportedly the first powder blush ever produced!!!) the three that I own are subtly glowy, giving a radiance to the cheeks  and have that smooth baked powder texture,


Im also quite the fan of the Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Colours. The mousse like texture is gentle enough on my lips to not dry them out excessively while giving a velvet matte look.


Two new loves from the brand include the Bourjois Happy Light primer and the Aqua Blush . The gently illuminating primer feels half way between a moisturising serum and primer and provides a nice base for makeup especially in the dryer, winter months. The Bourjois Aqua Blush has a nice staining effect which looks lovely on those days you want a dewey look, or can be layered with powder blush for longevity.



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