5 reasons you need an instant tanner in your life

As winter fast approaches we tend to cover up more and more skin, and then when an event comes up out of the blue we get out our weed whackers to get through that fur coat to find that things have gotten a little scaly and pale.  Here are five benefits of using an instant tanner to get that summer glow all year round.

Instant results 

instant tanner

There is zero waiting time on an instant tanner like Benefit’s new Zero Tan Lines, the sheer gel like instant tanner goes on smooth an streak free with its in built sponge applicator to show instant results. Zero Tan Lines can be applied sparingly for a subtle glow or more heavily for that JLo look.

No Nasty Surprises 

We have all been there, you apply your self tanner and head to bed for a great nights sleep only to wake up in the morning to find that you have patches where you didnt apply the product properly (ugh .. those crusty wrists) with an instant tanner you can see exactly any spots that you may have missed or wash off any spots that are a little too dark.


Clean Sheets

instant tanner

Dont ruin another pair of sheets ever again. An instant tanner like Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB stays in place until you want it to come off and then it will come off with a little soap or body wash in the shower ensuring your (or his) sheets remain perfectly clean and orange streak free.

All the filters darling!

instant tanner

Hide all manner of skin imperfections such as scars and veins with a sheer wash of colour with a product such as Sally Hansen’s Airbrush legs. This tinted lotion applies smoothly to give your legs that Valencia filter.. but in real life.

Keep things smooth

instant tanner

Most Instant Tanners like The Body Shops Honey Bronze Leg Mist contain moisturising properties to nourish the skin while adding colour. So not only are you looking like a goddess but your skin will feel spectacular too.


instant tanner

Left to right- Rimmel Sun SHimmer, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, The Body Shop Honey Bronze, Benefit No Tan Lines.

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