My secret addiction

I have something I need to confess to you, Its something that has been causing all sorts of problems in my life and I feel that you, loyal readers have the right to know.

Here goes…

Im addicted to snapchat.


Im constantly being told off by my husband for playing with the snapchat filters while in public (You look ridiculous Rosa!) oversharing pictures of my meals, mundane happenings in my life as well as “showing off” all the snapchat 6cool stuff Im privileged to get to do and play with as part of this “job” of blogging.
I religiously watch all the snaps of my blogging friends, to catch up with whats happening in their life before I start my day and am loving all the snaps of pets, delicious cocktails and OOTDs.

However! I have a plan! If enough other people start becoming as obsessed as I am then my addiction will become less of an issue.. right?snapchat 4

So, if you’re not already using the snapchat app then you should download it straight away* and start searching for your friends, fave celebs and um.. well… me

Im uploading snapchat content daily (more like hourly), from follow me around types of vlogs as well as snaps of makeup looks, super cute kitty photos, hauls and general behind the scenes stuff here and LNL HQ




snapchat 2



You can add me by searching for LIPSTICKNLING

Be sure to leave your username below so that I can follow you too!

*Disclaimer – this post is not affiliated with or sponsored by snapchat or its creator, Im simply trying to make myself feel better about being so engrossed in everyone else’s life.

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