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Leave it to the Becca gods to do all they can to help us achieve the most perfect complexion.

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The newest release from the masters of glow; Becca Cosmetics are the Backlight Targeted Correctors which are designed to help correct all sorts of imperfections and the Ultimate Coverage Concealer Creme which helps to cover and get every thing looking smooth and even.

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The Becca Backlight Targeted Correctors ($50) come in four shades designed to correct all sorts of skin issues on your face.

The texture of the correctors is incredibly smooth and emollient, they look and feel (and smell) a lot like a high end lipgloss. In the pan they look quite glossy but once blended a lot of that gloss disappears. These have a lot of slip to them,  only the smallest amount is needed and they blend out really far.

Four colours are available based on the principal of colour theory; that is using a colour which is opposite on the colour wheel to help disguise and cover whatever the skin issue is.

corrector swatches

  • Purple to counteract dullness
  • Orange/Peach to counteract darkness such as veins and dark circles
  • Red to counteract darker pigmentation on darker skin tones
  • Green to counteract redness

From Becca Cosmetics


The shade I got most use out of during the last few weeks was the Peach shade which looks completely opaque in the pan but when applied it gives a wash of orange that when covered with foundation almost completely covers my under-eye darkness.  I also tried the Papaya shade but found that on my light skin tone it was hard to cover with my medium coverage foundation.

I also enjoyed the Pistachio shade also to help cover redness around the nose and the occasional break out.

The Backlight Targeted Correctors, as mentioned, are very creamy and will need to be set with powder to avoid them moving around.

becca concealers

Along with the correctors Becca Cosmetics have also released a wide range of shades of the new Ultimate Coverage Concealer Creme ($50) which pack a punch in the pigmentation department. I was sent four shades from the range but there are in fact twelve shades available.

EDIT – The concealers are currently on sale at Adore Beauty for roughly $37

These are slightly harder in the pan but seem to melt instantly when you put your finger in the jar. For your money you get 4.5 grams of product which might seem a bit meagre however only the smallest amount of concealer is needed. Be sure not to use too much as this is super pigmented and has the tendancy to turn to cake-ville easily if you are a little heavy handed with it.

I was sent the shades  Banana, Macadamia, Toffee and Treacle which give a good representation of the range available. Its with noting that Banana and Treacle aren’t the lightest and darkest in the range.

concealer swatches

The Becca correctors and concealers are available now from retailers such as Sephora and Adore Beauty. 

Check out the two part video below to show you more about the products and see the amazing texture.


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Sarah | Bows & Pleats
Reply April 15, 2016

I was wanting to try these, but I think the formula of the UD correctors in the concealer packaging will suit me better as they are thinner and creamier. I wonder when they will get released here?

Sarah | Bows & Pleats

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