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While those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are roasting chestnuts on an open fire and wearing hideous Chrissie sweaters here in Australia Christmas often means battling flies, 30+ degree days with ice cold drinks in hand while unwrapping presents.

We had Christmas lunch at our place this year and I thought I would share some photos of our day to show you how we celebrated and our bright summer theme.
If you’ve ever hosted Christmas you will know that half the job is getting the house ready and finishing off any little projects that you may have planned or started throughout the year. For us it was our plan for a little kitchen garden. So Mr LnL worked his butt off to screw together and simply landscape a raised garden bed.

It took two weekends to get to this final stage (ready for planting) and is so much neater and more functional than the weedy patch we had there previously. It’s sitting pretty along side the ¬†aviary we use to house the (very spoilt)cat when she unable to be inside.


Other pre Christmas projects included some items I picked up from
Target a few weeks ago.
We created some summery table decorations using simple diamond shaped candle holders that we primed and sprayed yellow to use as tiny cactus holders.
The “forever” sign looks great on the brick wall behind our lounge chairs to tie together the bright colours.
My most exciting purchase my pineapple solar lights looked great against the fence and along with the multitude of candle holders and oil burners served a second purpose later in the night (keep reading)
Then came the food. Antipasto platters, lasagne and barbeques was on the menu because well.. Italian! We also served fresh prawns and salads and every one was well fed and watered by late afternoon.
Dessert was next and giant individual
servings of tiramisu hit the spot just as a big storm rolled in and cut out our power for a couple of hours.. Dessert by candle light was a little unorthodox but enjoyable all the same

Forget carols it was gelato by candlelight!
Gifts were exchanged, energy was at all time low but people were content.
Guests left and we were spent. Luckily we have a good break between now and the new year to clean up the carnage, throw away all the wrapping paper and finish the masses of left overs.
There is a little insight into this years summery Christmas style! I hope you enjoyed the post and that regardless how you celebrated the holidays you were with loved ones enjoying the day!!
Seasons greetings!!
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