Vanity Tour and Makeup Storage!!!

Well this has been a long time coming and Im excited to be finally showing all of you my makeup and blogging set up!

My makeup collection is quite large, like its fairly small compared to “MUA large” but pretty ridiculous for an “average girl large” I guess its somewhere in the middle.. lets call it a “beauty blogger amount” Most of the makeup I own was purchased by myself (over years) but I also am really really lucky to be sent things every now and then by companies.

Anyway.. here we go…

Lets see where we started. Prior to my current set up I was having to sit or kneel on the bathroom floor every morning and access my makeup collection which was stored in a number of drawers under the bathroom sink. While this setup was not ideal I have to say that the lighting in that bathroom was really on point.

My actual makeup was actually applied near a window on a set of drawers, you might recognize this from Instagram as it is where i used to take all my photographs 

SO my first step was changing rooms, I set up my vanity table in a spare bedroom which while is very spacious also houses my ironing board and some craft supplies.
The room has a large window but still struggles for natural light as outside the window is a very tall fence which blocks a lot of light.

I then needed to make a decision about which table to choose, seeing that I already have a pretty nice study set up I decided that I didn’t really want to spend  a lot of money on the table and drawers (hey less money on furniture means more money on product right?)

My set up consists of the following three pieces of furniture from Ikea.

The desk and drawer combo give me plenty of storage as the desk has a little cupboard as well as a set of drawers that contain the bulk of my makeup. 

Here is what is in the drawers.

You can see that products are broken up into categories such as primers, highlighters, small eye palettes and so on. I bought plenty of little white containers from Kmart to store all my goodies. And most of my collections fit into the small trays apart from my blush collection which.. well is getting a little out of hand.  I really like keeping my stuff in here as its really handy when doing my makeup in a rush as everything is within easy reach.

The small drawer contains all my palettes, they are stacked here in no particular order but this is also another handy place to keep them as they are always within reach.

The top of my vanity is where all the pretty lives! I have three acrylic makeup organisers which contain my brow products, eyeliners and copious (copious) amounts of lip products. 

THe first organiser contains my Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks and Lip Butters on top as well as some random lipsticks. It also contains my makeup finishing sprays and my much loved Benefit tints. The drawers contain lots of my wind up crayon or pencil type products including Revlon balms, some nars, covergirl and some other random bits and pieces. My squeezy tube lipglosses live here also.

The second organiser hold my small collection of MAC lipsticks and some illamasqua as well as some random lipsticks. My lip pencils fit in nicely here and are easy to reach for.  The drawers hold my matte lip creams and my numerouss wand type lip glosses and glazes.

The third organiser is not as full as the others. The top section holds a few items I use every day including my nars light reflecting powder as well as my different type of eyeliners. The first drawer holds my eyebrow products and the other drawers hold my mascaras and mascara minis. 

The other items on my vanity include a cotton round holder and cotton bud holder, and some containers holding my brushes. There are a few things on there which are there just for their aesthetic qualities including a toofaced sweethearts blush and a small voluspa candle. 

In terms of a mirror I use a small double sided magnifying mirror and this does the job well. I also own THIS mirror from ikea that I really like but found that it was taking far too much room on the vanity and dwarfing the other items. Because of the position of my table against a window its hard to get a nice big mirror like you might see in a lot of vanities.

On the left side of my table is the  cupboard section which is divided up into to sections. the top drawer contains a pink box where I keep my foundations and powders ( im not sure this is ideal, but its working for now) On the Bottom drawer is a box where I keep things such as pr samples and gifts that I am yet to try and review.

On the right side of my table is my set of alex drawers which also provides a little extra bench space. On the top here I keep my Bobbi Brown beauty manual, the current magazine that im reading and some stationary bits and bobs. I keep my blogging equipment (my little netbook and camera) up here as well as some handy tissues. I also have a little flower pot from ikea (you will have seen them everywhere on instagram) that I use as a little bin, as Im always needing to dispose of cotton buds and baby wipes when Im cleaning up.

The Alex drawers are so handy for makeup because they are a great shape and size for items such as nail polish and general cosmetics. I also like that not all the drawers are the same depth and that some are quite deep fpr bottles and other large items.

The first drawer is choc full of nail polish. They are sort of colour sorted in reds, pinks, purples, neutrals and brights and separate section for glitters.

The second drawer hold more nail supplies, such as base coats, top coats and treatments. I also keep my nail care tools in here as well as some nail art supplies. If youre looking for tweezers.. this is the drawer!

The third drawer holds spare items, back ups, my nail polish remover and a few bits and pieces that I am collecting for future giveaways (no peeking)

The fourth  and fifth drawers contains a bunch of small samples and gwp  products that I am trying to get through, and  miscellaneous things such as cosmetics bags and boxes of things I don’t want throw out yet (does anyone else do that?) Its not all that interesting so lets move on!

On top of my vanity are some amazing vintage photos that a friend bought for me years ago. I framed them recently and think they look amazing watching down on me. Their winged liner and flawless makeup just inspires me!

And there we are! It looks a lot more impressive in real life but I hope you have enjoyed the little tour. Let me know if you would like more details about any of the products you have seen in this post!

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Sarah Foote
Reply June 5, 2014

Wow, I really love your setup! It's super simple but really effective! Gorgeous. You've got a great collection. I love the addition of the vintage pictures too. Love! Xx

Reply June 5, 2014

Ooh, I love your collection! It's all stored so nicely ♡

Reply June 6, 2014

Great set up! I've been playing around with my make up area today, I have the same desk as you, but with the add on top bit, where I display my cameras. The desk does look so much roomier without the top bit added on!

Reply June 9, 2014

What a beautiful set up xx

Kent Sommer
Reply June 9, 2014

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Bec Campbell
Reply June 10, 2014

Beautiful setup!!

The Beauty and Lifestyle Hunter
Reply July 27, 2014

Nice collection, and fantastic setup. I really need to get mine organised, but will sadly have to wait until we move into our new house next year.

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