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I love tea! While I down the occasional sugarless “short black” (im so hardcore) the gentle and subtle aromas of a steaming cup of green or herbal tea is, for me,  the equivalent of a moisturising, glossy colour balm  in a world of matte red pouts.

I tend to be a bit of a purist when it comes to both tea and coffee, milk is not to come into contact with my chosen brew and sugar is only used on occasion.

So when I received this lovely little pouch of Beauty Queen Tea, courtesy of PR company Sweaty Betty and Queen B Tea I was both intrigued and delighted

While this is not a cosmetic it is a touted as a  beauty product and I will thus conduct this review as I would normally do for a beauty product (that’s right not only am I hardcore but I also use fancy words!!)

My first impressions of this product is in the claims made by the packaging. The copy on the label claims that

” the ingredients will help eliminate dry skin, whilst aiding in collagen, elastin and scar tissue repair”

If these claims are correct then this is the perfect product for me. As someone who often experiences extreme dryness in the form of dermatitis I am always looking for gentle and natural ways to  nourish and treat my skin without stinging and discomfort.. and I guess this should do the trick as it obviously is not applied directly to the skin but consumed.

I can only assume that this will not be a miracle, quick fix however, reading the ingredients on the pack reveals that this tea blend shares many of the same key ingredients that are most commonly seen on the labels of natural skincare products.  particularly those products that are deemed for sensitive or damaged skin.

Ingredients such as Calendula are well known as a treatment for promoting healing of damaged skin and decreasing inflammation and Dandelion not only helps with detoxing the body (ahem… helping to get rid of “waste”) but also helps to purify the blood and clear the skin and is said to reduce scars. So all in all it should be doing my skin  good “from the inside”

Upon opening the pouch I noticed the lovely fresh smell of blend of dried leaves and petals.

If I had a more sophisticated nose I would go on about the bouquet of this tea, how I could distinguish the different elements of dandelion from the  red clover but alas my sense of smell is disappointingly average so all I can tell you is that this tea smells delicate, light, almost floral and “green” 

While this blend doesn’t contain camomile there is something about it that reminds me of the little white flowers that my father would carefully spread out and dry before using in his own homemade brews. I think its the floral element.

As per the instructions on the pack, I put roughly a teaspoon of the tea into my little diffuser and let it steep for a few minutes in the boiled water until the colour of the water changed. I tasted the tea with and without the addition of honey and both ways it tasted light, fragrant and floral. It felt nourishing and wholesome the way most herbal teas do and was a nice relaxing finish to the evening as I usually drank it before bed.

This is a difficult beauty item to review because I feel like I wont get the full effects of this tea for a quite a while, I cant test its colour payoff or wear time. It cant be swatched or endlessly photographed in artistic ways. Its tea.. scratch that… its really good, delicious and comforting tea.

The only results I can really confidently report on so far is that it has aided me in relaxing more in the evening and has contributed to a restful nights sleep, which by themselves are important components in health and beauty. It has increased my fluid intake and replaced any other evening beverages with something that is entirely natural and beneficial.

I’ve only been drinking it for just over a week and while it is enjoyable and delicious I’m not sure that it has made any major changes to my skin as yet, but I haven’t given up hope. I would be more than happy to purchase this tea and include it in my evening wind down routine on a permanent basis.


The 20 day pouch that I received is valued at $24 and is available through the website alongside numerous other blends of teas which are designed to help with all manners of ailments from menopause to weightloss.

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