The FIRST post

This is “the first post” well .. to be more specific.. This is the first post that is actually being written in, and posted on this blog.

If truth be told I’ve been blogging and reviewing things for months, some of this is written on scraps of paper, some on the iPad  and some of it is stored in the recesses of my mind. Each new purchase, underwhelming product or new holy grail has been carefully catalogued for future reference (which is why it will seem that a whole lot of posts are coming in a short period of time)

So, who am I? I’m an “early thirty something” Sydney suburbanite who  has an addiction to all things beauty. I enjoy good food and eating out and also cooking and baking in my home. 
I live with my fantastic husband and over indulged cat.  Other things I enjoy include; making resin jewelry, wasting time on Pinterest, good grammar, nail polish (so much nail polish) bad tv, watching and trying to recreate hilarious cat YouTube clips and pasta of all sorts.
I work full time with children in a job which is often challenging, sometimes demanding and almost always rewarding. 
This blog is a place for me to share reviews, first impressions and tips about makeup, skincare and hair care products. Im not really sure where this will go and if I will be able to stick to the demands of regular blogging but lets see how we go.
I am not new to blogging. Years ago as a fresh faced girl I was heavily involved in the “blogosphere” back then it was so new and exciting and I made some great friends and blogs became so much of my life! That blog dealt mostly with my life at the time, I grew up on the internet I guess you could say. In the time I was blogging I managed  to (try) and reconcile living between two cultures,  studied at university and made my way into adult life. 
This blog is less a “this is what’s happening in my life” and more a “hey have you heard about this?” Kind of thing. But, as with most things.. We will see where this goes. 
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