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I purchased my first Clarisonic device back in 2013 from Adore Beauty. At the time, my skin, which looked ok from afar was actually covered in hundreds of tiny bumps that made  my makeup look anything than smooth. I also was struggling big time with deep, sore spots on my chin consistently ( I still have darkness on my chin from scarring) and I had hoped that the Clarisonic Mia 2 would solve my problems as I would rarely go makeup free in a bid to try and hide my skin issues.



I had heard that incorporating a Clarisonic into my skincare routine would probably cause a whole of ‘purging” and was prepared for the onslaught of pimples after a few uses of the device. It never really happened. Apart from a few extra spots my skin looked no different than it did before. I have heard of other people though that have had their skin get worse before it gets better.



After each use my skin FELT amazing, but LOOKED the same for quite a few weeks and I wondered whether I had been duped into buying a product that didnt work. I persisited though and one day when applying foundation I noticed my skin looking so much more smooth due to the absence of those pesky little sebum filled lumps.

The Clarisonic Mia 2  is still going strong and lives in my shower where I usually use a cleanser like the Philosophy Purity Cleanser or the Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Milk.

My skin, while never terrible in the first place was a but of an insecurity of mine growing up, I was always so obsessed with making sure my skin was clear and while I never had severe acne, the spots I had due to hormones and the such really bothered me.


As I got older and my PCOS developed I noticed that I would get sparse yet course hairs on my chin (where most women usually got hormonal pimples) I was fairly devoted to my magnified mirror as I would pluck the hairs as soon as anything was even remotely visible. Very often I would end up with spots where I had plucked the hair or later in the month ingrown hairs in the area.


Using a sonic device from Clarisonic really helped to minimise the ingown hairs from the area thus reducing spots and scarring in the area. While the Mia Fit is not an exfoliating device, it does help promote and enhance the radiance of your skin as it completely rids it of any makeup, sunscreen or environmental pollutants.

The oscillating, anti bacterial bristels move to flex pores, helping to clean them out, while leaving the skin looking and feeling fresh, clean and ready for your skincare.

Recently I have had the chance to “upgrade” my device to the brand new Clarisonic Mia Fit (Thanks Clarisonic) The Mia Fit is the lighter, smaller but equally as powerful sister to the Mia 2. Despite its smaller size the patented technology in the Mia Fit means that its still as powerful as other sonic devices from the brand.

The all new design makes it even more portable than before as the device literally “fits” into the palm of your hand. Just like the Mia 2 there are two speed settings however the second setting  (power setting) runs for 80 seconds instead of the original 60 seconds which is great for me as I like to cleanse down my neck and have started using it on my chest as I often have the odd pimple there.


The Mia fit comes with its own USB powered charging stand. Its charged without the need for a jack which means the entire device is sealed and waterproof making it perfect for use in the shower. My only critisicm of my new Mia Fit is that it does not come with a plastic travel case as that was one of the features I really liked about my Mia 2 as it kept the bristle head clean and the rest of my lugagge dry when using it while travelling.

Using a sonic device like the ones Ive used from Clarisonic do make a visible difference to my skin and help me to feel better about the appearance and texture of my skin. At 35 my skin is changing again and my focus has moved towards anti aging and the appearance of lines. There are still things about my skin that I dislike (hello dark circles and massive hereditary eye bags) but I no longer stress about making sure to always wear a full coverage foundation.

I cant credit the entire mind shift about my skin to Clarisonic, it has taken me a lot of time and Im constantly working on myself to try and better my outlook as well as my acceptance of myself  and my strengths and weaknesses which I think is a natural part of “growing up” but it has helped to eliminate some of the issues which used to cause me stress.


You can find more about Clarisonic and purchase devices here. They are also available at department stores such as Myer and David Jones as well as online at Adore Beauty

While this was not a paid post, the use of the Clarisonic Mia Fit was courtesy of the company. All opinions remain my own and unbiased.

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