3 of a kind Drugstore Sculpting Palettes.

For the longest time contour and sculpting palettes were the domain of the higher end brands, but slowly, slowly the drugstore brands are starting to come to the party, choosing to release their own take on the compact sculpting kits.

All three of the palettes featured in this post had to have the following three characteristics

  • Be affordable
  • Compact for portability
  • Reasonable quality

maybelline drugstore

Maybelline’s plethora of new releases include one such product. The Maybelline FaceStudio Master Contour contains three shades of powder designed to work together to create a subtly contoured face. Pigmentation in this palette is soft, in some cases super pigmentation is not necessarily particularly when it comes to bronzing and contour shades.  Two shades are available in the range including Light/Medium and Medium/Deep.

maybelline swatch drugstore


loreal sculpting2 drugstore

The L’Oreal Infallible Sculpting Palette is a little different in that it is a cream to powder product. These are super soft, creamy and blendable and the shades have a good amount of payoff. These work really well as contour rather than bronzing shades due to their cooler tone. What’s lovely about these is that they blend out to a lovely soft matte finish rather than staying tacky like some other cream shades. The L’Oreal Infallible Pro Contour Palettes come in three shades


loreal sculpting drugstore


sculpting rimmel drugstore

The Rimmel Kate Sculpting kit is one of my favorurite products. The shades in these palettes work so well together to give a lovely healthy glow to the skin. Once again these arent super pigmented put give just enough colour pay off to give a gradual almost ombre effect to the face when applied.  The Rimmel palette is one of those items that always earns me compliments when worn.

rimmel sculpt drugstore


Have you tried any of these palettes? Id love to know what you look for in a sculpting palettes.


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Reply July 16, 2016

Could you tell us what brushes you use with the cream contour? Not sure if it's better to use a brush or fingertips.

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