Rimmel ScandalEyes XXtreme

Rimmel ScandalEyes XXtreme promises Xtreme high-impact volume and endless dramatic length. Ive been trialling the mascara for a couple of weeks and have enjoyed the brush and formula.

Here are my thoughts.

This is one of the blackest mascaras Ive ever used, It coats lashes in a super black, quite thick formula which was smudge resistant on my very smudgy lids and under eyes.

scandaleyes xtreme2

The wand is plastic rather than a traditional brush and works well to grab the lashes and coat them thoroughly. It has a curved edge and a straight edge each designed to do different things. The curved side imparts a lot of product helping to create super volume especially at the roots while the straight edge is designed to add length.

I found that the mascara really adds a lot of volume when he curved side was used but did have the tendency to clump on me, the straight edge of the brush helps to eliminate the clumps though so it ends up relatively clump free. I didn’t find that this really added much length to my fairly short lashes but the mascara worked really really well with other lengthening mascaras.

Finally the mascara was one of the only formulas that didn’t actually transfer under my eyes. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but i found that it was a little difficult to remove with micellar water but came off easily with eye makeup remover.

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